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Anime Review: Pupa


I was so close to vomiting, I’m not kidding. I heard about Pupa from many other anime reviewers and everyone said it’s bad and you know how when someone tells you “don’t look”, you look anyway? Yeah, I’m kind of like that when someone says “don’t watch” and I watch anyway.


Pupa follows two siblings, one a brother, the other a sister. They both suffer from a virus called Pupa. The sister, Yume eats human flesh and the brother can heal fast.

The story is all over the place. Majority of the time, I have no idea what was happening, seriously. This is one of those animes that was made for the sake of gore and usually that doesn’t bother me, I have no problem with gore whatsoever but this anime was too much. The only positive things I can say are that the anime has the decency to be short and the back stories though confusing, are still pretty good.

Score: D-


The story follows our main characters who are siblings. The only good thing is that the siblings have a sweet relationship. Other than that, they’re so bland and forgettable. What’s worse is that when a main character fails, the supporting cast is suppose to make up for it but the supporting cast is no better.

Score: D


The animation is beautiful in a way. I loved the use of innocent qualities like bears and butterflies added in to compliment it’s dark tone. Though as much as I liked this quality, I can’t ignore the flaws. The animation is a bit cheap and stilted.

Score: C+


Considering how short the anime is, there is not much use of a huge OST. The OST doesn’t usually stand out though I can say it is good. The opening matched the tone of the anime as well, though it’s not the best opening.

The quality of the voice acting is pretty bad (Or it’s probably just my computer). However the choice of the cast was well done, Nobunaga Shimazaki did a solid job as the brother and Ibuki Kido did well as Yume.

Score (Songs): C

Score (Voice Acting): C+


Overall Pupa is a very bad anime which I still don’t understand why it was created. The only positive things in this anime is it’s decency on being short, nice animation and good voice acting. Other than that, the anime is a piece of shit. It is extremely disturbing, confusing and pretty boring too. I give Pupa a D. Don’t watch this anime just move on to something better.

Instead of Pupa, I recommend:

Elfen Lied: A gore fiesta as well. Both animes talk about experimenting a certain virus. Difference between the two animes is that Elfen Lied is no way near as confusing and is more than just gore. Elfen Lied is a beautiful anime with a great meaning behind it’s story that people need to notice to enjoy this anime. Both the animes also deal with our lead characters being called a monster and both can’t help do what they do.

Attack on Titans: Both deal with experimenting and fighting monsters, difference is that the monsters in Attack on Titans aren’t the main characters and they’re called Titans. Both have lots of gore, though Attack on Titan has a good plot unlike Pupa.


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