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Anime Review: Midori Days


After watching this anime I realized that I’m a weird person… Imagine being so shy that you can’t talk to someone and then something so bizarre happens and it gives you a chance to actually talk to them. I want this, why can’t something like this happen in real-life. I don’t know how I discovered Midori Days, I guess I just heard of it from somewhere, read/watched a review on it and here we are…


Seiji Sawamura is a delinquent who is known for his “demon right hand”. Unfortunately for Seiji, being a delinquent caused him to be misjudged and he can’t get a girlfriend and he gets rejected too many times. The opposite however is Midori Kasugano a shy girl who is madly in love with Seiji but struggles to approach him and can only watch from a distance. With Seiji’s desire to get a girlfriend and Midori’s need to get closer to Seiji, the two’s wishes are answered in the weirdest way possible, Midori becomes Seiji’s RIGHT HAND… When I heard this story I died…

This story line is fantastic… I don’t understand how someone could turn-down this story idea, it’s funny, clever and can easily make a fantastic romantic-comedy… But again I know another anime that had a golden story idea and didn’t reach it’s fully potential…

b gata h kei

If you read my review on B Gata H Kei than you’re well aware that I don’t think the anime reached it’s full potential on being a hilarious comedy even though it had a fantastic story line. Like B Gata H Kei, Midori Days had a perfect opportunity on being a great romance anime and did it reach that full potential? Yes. The anime a rom-com is cliche and nothing new but as a romance alone it is perfect.

Midori Days is a great comedy, it doesn’t fail to make you crack up regardless of it’s cliches. There may be plenty of cliches in the anime but Midori Days doesn’t go so over the top with them that it’ll annoy you. If anything annoyed me in Midori Days it would be how predictable the anime can be. Another downfall is the episodes that take a huge focus on the supporting cast, not to say I disliked these episodes it’s just the anime was better off developing the relationship between our main characters. For a 13 episode anime, the pacing is perfect and it has a perfect ending with it, something very rare in an anime.

Score: C+


Seiji and Midori are a fantastic duo and have a great relationship that is so well-developed. Seiji is a nice guy who is short-tempered and a little brash. Midori on the other hand though is described as shy, when she opens up she is hyper, cheerful and sweet. These two compliment each other so well because they’re so different. The supporting cast however… well…. Most of them are likable though I do have a few nitpicks. I really liked Takako, Rin and Shuichi, the rest never really stood out. Takako is hilarious at first coming off as a bitch but when she likes Seiji she shows a more tsundere side. Rin is Seiji’s mean, alcoholic older sister, like all older sisters in anime she has a soft spot for Seiji regardless of their fights. Lastly Shuichi is Seiji’s classmate who is obsessed with dolls (yeah a geeky guy). I loved Shuichi’s character a lot he is hilarious. I’ll admit though regardless of how much I like the supporting cast, they didn’t make much to the story and were mostly useless.

Score: C+


The animation isn’t all that good. I won’t be too harsh since it was made in 2004 but again their are 90’s anime with better animation than Midori Days. The characters designs are unique and cute so I won’t complain. Even so I can’t ignore how weird it look on the anime I mean this looks weird as fuck…

Left: Midori Days Right: Kanon 2002.  Do they resemble?

The anime has a lot of fan service probably only having 2-3 episodes without it, not to say it’s a bad thing.

Score: D+


The opening and ending are both really good and match the tone of the anime. The opening is more lively, whereas the ending is more slow-paced. The OST doesn’t usually stand out though it is passable when it does actually does stand out.

Both the Japanese and English are good and it is a matter of preference. I’m not a huge fan of Kisho Taniyama as Seiji, it wasn’t bad but it was far from good as well, Drew Aaron on the other hand played a convincing job as Seiji *applauding this performance*. Both Mai Nakahara and Kether Fernandez play a perfect Midori, however Nakahara did the better job in my opinion, her pitch was perfect in every way whereas not to say Fernandez did a bad job but at times she was little too high pitched.

Score (Music): C+

Score (Voice Acting): B


Overall Midori Days is a fantastic romance, with it’s fair share of laugh-out-loud moments. It’s story line is clever and the anime reached it’s potential as a romance. It’s pacing was well-done and it has a perfect ending along with it. The relationship between our main characters is fantastic. Both Japanese and English were so well-done. Problem is that the anime is very predictable, and quite cliche and honestly it isn’t like I’ve seen this type of any before. The supporting cast were useless though some don’t fail to entertain. Overall Midori Days get’s a C+, it’s above average. I recommend it to rom-com fans though to be honest it’s not the best of the best I can say that but a good anime indeed.

If you liked Midori Days then I recommend:

Chobits: In plot, both animes are alike, they both spend time just doing average slice-of-life things and are good entertaining comedies with a good romance along with it. If you didn’t know, Chobits is one of the best animes I’ve seen last year. Both have a male protagonist who are a little perverted and out of nowhere get a girl, but there’s one small problem that prevents them from being together.

Ah My Goddess: Both animes have our male lead getting a girl out of nowhere. Both a great comedies with great romance in it too. The episodes are both similar with the whole slice-of-life comedy thing going on. Not to mention both have Drew Aaron doing the English voice of the male lead.

I swear that’s a cat’s hand…


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