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Anime Review: Green Green


I’m actually very proud of myself for finishing Green Green. I want to slap myself in the face but at the same time I’m applauding myself for it. So I first heard of this anime from another anime, “Ouran Highschool Host Club” (it was actually in Renge’s character page on wiki).

Keep in mind I started watching this in 2013 only making it to episode 3 due to the jokes getting very repetitive and annoying. So then one year later I heard people saying how bad this anime is and I thought “I should continue the anime” so I did check 2 more episodes but I couldn’t stand this anime. Finally I continued it and finally finished it!


So the story of Green Green follows an all-boys school that is going to interact with an all-girls school. The all-girls school has to stay at the all-boys school for a month seeing if they want to make the two schools co-ed.

The anime’s plot is very bad. I can’t think of anything good to say, the jokes were repetitive and bad because the punchline was always sex and boobs (and I like sex jokes so this is annoying!). Each episode is full of every cliche in an anime episode you can think of (beach episodes, test of courage) and I don’t mind cliches depending on how they’re handled, though in Green Green’s case it was handled poorly. What hurts the anime the most is it has very little good moments which mean nothing because the next scene ruins it. The anime has a few scenes that’ll burn your eyes no joke and the creators thought these jokes were funny.

Score: D-


I will say this their is only one likable character and 3 characters with potential. The likable character is of course, the cactus, because the cactus was always quiet and listened to it’s master when it’s master told it to kick the baka-trio’s ass. The three characters with potential was the nurse, Reika and Futaba. The nurse was never annoying nor was she entirely bland, what made her character not very good was she hardly appeared in the show as much as she could. Reika started off as a bitch though she had reason for what she did and she could of been interesting but in the end… no. Lastly Futaba, my God talk about a wasted potential, sure Futaba is far from unique but she could of easily been an amazing character but despite being considered our main character, she was left out of the majority of the show especially when she was noticeably going through a development. They only brought her up in the end of the show and she was more sweeter, which pisses me off because the could of let us watch Futaba grow as character properly rather they swept her to the side and reminding us she is a love interest at the last minute.

The biggest offense to the characters is the baka-trio, they’re the most annoying, creepiest and weirdest anime characters I have ever seen in anime history. The anime would’ve been half decent if it weren’t for these 3 dickheads! They were our comic relief characters but unfortunately were more annoying than funny. Midori was an obnoxious character, she always threw herself at Yusuke, she didn’t help him or give him a reason to love her, no she actually forces herself onto him. And Yusuke is one of the worst male leads I have ever seen, he is presented as a nice guy who is misunderstood because his friends are creeps, however if Yusuke is not being bland then he is more of a douche especially to Midori saying really mean things to her (but again, Midori does throw herself onto him). Not just that Yusuke is a slut by the end of the series (won’t be bringing up spoilers). And if the other characters are not being annoying and unlikable, they are being extremely bland and pointless to the show. The romance is terrible too, in my “top 7 anime couples I don’t care for” list, I placed Yusuke’s relationship with both Midori and Futaba as honorable mentions because I haven’t seen the anime fully but now that I’ve seen it, I would definitely put them much higher on the list.

Score: D-


The animation is so bad. The character designs are so bland and unappealing. The animation is very stilted and really ugly. The creators didn’t put any effort into it whatsoever, but I’ll cut it some slack since it was made in 2003. Even so it’s really weird how it’s H-gama has better animation compared to the anime.

Score: D


The OST doesn’t stand out except in the last episode and when it did, I really don’t find it compatible with the scene. The ending song isn’t something I chose to sit through. The opening is actually very catchy, not the best opening but it suited a self-proclaimed rom-com like Green Green.

The Japanese is decent, credits to Futaba’s voice and Reika’s voice. Futaba is voiced by a seiyuu by the name of Eriko Fujimaki (never heard of her), I liked how she was able to go harsh to sweet and she did the job well. Also Kana Ueda voiced Reika, I know Kana Ueda from one of my favorite animes, “Doki Doki School Hours” she does the voice of Tominaga. I liked this performance because it was just a solid perfomance. I will also both give thumbs up and thumbs down to Midori’s voice actress, Sara Nakayama, thumbs up because it was a cute performance that was done really well. Thumbs down because every time she said, “Yusuke-kun!” I would rage in my head.

Now where it gets bad is the Japanese performance for the Baka-trio, the voices made the characters even more annoying to the point every time they spoke I felt even more angrier. And worse off is the dub licensed by Media Blasters. The dub’s bland and just bad, their nothing nice I can say about the dub.

Score (Songs): C+

Score (Voice Acting): D


Overall Green Green is an anime that likes to torture it’s viewers. I don’t understand why it wasn’t a hentai, if it were hentai I would never of considered watching it in the first place, I would’ve been like, “Fuck this!” and this review would never exist. The only good thing is the opening and some of the voice acting performances, that’s it! I give Green Green a D. Awful anime, don’t watch unless you feel like you have nothing better in your life to do.

Instead of watching Green Green watch;

Baka and Test: Both have fan service, love triangles and in the school life rom-com genre, difference is Baka and Test is actually good. Baka and Test follows a school where the characters have an avatar thingy who’s scores are judged by it’s owners grades.

Highschool of the Dead: I know, why am I recommending an anime about fighting zombies and comparing it to Green Green. Well whenever someone says to me “Fanservice, ecchi and harem” I instantly think of HOTD. Both are harems and ecchi animes, however even though HOTD is the better anime, it’s fanservice is heavier then Green Green’s. Sad thing is that HOTD is funnier then Green Green and it’s not even a comedy.


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