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Anime Review: B Gata H Kei (Yamada’s First Time)


Is it weird that I know a lot of girls that are the same age as Yamada who are almost like her? I know way too many girls that try this hard to get a guy inside their pants it’s ridiculous. So then I found out theirs an anime based on this and I love the idea. I only recently heard about this anime. Probably a few months ago. However I heard a few negative comments on it and I expected this anime to be really bad, however the story line sounded good and I decided I’ll see for myself whether it’s bad or not.


Yamada is the prettiest and most popular girl at school (I’m pretty sure she is 15 at the start of the series). However she has one problem, she’s a virgin. So she makes it her goalb gata h kei story to have sex with 100 high school boys. And the first guy she decides she wants to have sex with is the average and innocent Kosuda.

This reminds me of my favorite movie, American Pie cause in American Pie (the first movie) it’s literally about a few boys wanting to have sex by prom night and B Gata H Kei, Yamada’s goal is to sex with 100 high school guys and I assume she’d like to do this before she graduates, see the similarities? The story line is clever and really funny too and can easily lure in an audience with so many comedic situations the anime could make. The problem is that the first half of the anime wasn’t really funny and was just annoying, the second half improved heaps and actually became really funny and enjoyable. I had one problem with some episodes in the second half, two of the episodes in the anime became over dramatic and not necessarily in a good way. I have no problem with drama in rom-com animes, heck I name a few times my favorite rom-coms like School Rumble got dramatic but it never went so over the top like B Gata H Kei did. Though I can’t deny the anime had really good comedic moments. The anime has a horrible ending, it’s one of those “read the manga” endings and I really, really, really HATE those type of endings.

Score: C


For the most part the characters were really likable. I loved Yamada’s best friend, Takeshita, she was funny, relatable and her relationship with Yamada was fantastic. Takeshita also had a great relationship with her boyfriend, the anime doesn’t bring it up often though you could tell, she really likes him and they really are strong. I also really liked the classmate, Misato, she made me laugh the most out of all the characters and I can relate to her in a lot of ways. I also enjoyed, Miyano, Chika and Keiichi too. Enough talking about our supporting characters, what about our mains? Well… they are no way near as appealing as the supporting cast. Yamada wasn’t necessarily unlikable or likable either, she is unique and funny however she did get obnoxious, for the most part I did like her. Then their is Kosuda, Yamada’s love interest, he is annoyingly oblivious and is kind of a boring character considering he’s a main character. He isn’t entirely unlikable though, I’ll give him that, there are much worst male leads

Though I’ll say it now,  the relationship between Yamada and Kosuda wasn’t anything special. The anime tried so hard to develop their relationship but just couldn’t do it very well. It either got over-dramatic or ruined because they were going to make a joke out of what’s going on. In fact, Kosuda didn’t like Yamada for any special reason, just a bit after the first episode, he admits he likes Yamada guessing because she’s pretty and Yamada’s feelings for Kosuda didn’t have any good development to it, first episode she wanted him as her fuck buddy then out of the blue she was feeling something. Not to mention, Yamada’s Ero Deity (I think that’s what she’s called) was really annoying and unnecessary, the show doesn’t need her narrative in it, just let the show speak for itself.

Score: C


The animation is done by Hal Film Maker, the same people who animated one of my favorite animes, Princess Tutu. I actually really like the animation for this anime, it is so well done. The character designs are all cute and well done. However the design for the male characters are pretty dull, I understand Kosuda but everyone else wasn’t all that good. However that is more of the creators fault rather then the animators.

Score: B+


I really like the OST in this anime. I especially like the opening a lot more then I hoped I would too. The opening is cute, catchy and memorable, how could I not like it. The ending song however didn’t stand out all that much though which is a little disappointing.

The Japanese and English are both well done so honestly it is up to you what you want because this anime depends on preference. B Gata H Kei is licensed by Funimation and though it’s not the best dub done by Funimation, it is still well done. Brittney Karbowski does a fantastic Yamada this is actually one of my favorite performance from her. Cherami Leigh does a spot-on job as Takeshita, it’s different from her more high-pitch performances which I really appreciate.

Score (Songs): B-

Score (Voice Acting): C+


I enjoyed B Gata H Kei a lot more then I thought I would. Sure it started off and ended badly but it’s a ride I can appreciate throughout majority of the series. Yes, I did have a problem with our main couple’s relationship and our love interest and I did dislike Yamada’s Ero Deity but for the most part the anime was enjoyable. However I can’t deny this anime didn’t reach it’s full potential, it has a hilarious story line and had an endless amount of comedic situations the characters could of ended up in which the anime didn’t do at a satisfactory level. The anime gets a C, an average anime. I liked this anime more then I thought I would but it didn’t satisfy me much.At least it didn’t disappoint me as much as another animes.

If you liked B Gata H Kei you may like;

School Rumble

School Rumble is my favorite romantic comedy. If you take out the plot of “girl trying to lose her virginity” then these two anime are quite alike. School Rumble is a ridiculous and hilarious anime that I guarantee you won’t be disappointed in. Both animes are a school life romance with heaps of failed attempts when trying to accomplish the story’s goal and for some people, School Rumble will get frustrating with the failed attempts like how I felt with B Gata H Kei at times.

American Pie (first movie)

I know American Pie isn’t an anime but I still highly recommend it. As soon as I heard of B Gata H Kei, I instantly thought of American Pie. Like what I said earlier, both are based on losing your virginity. Both are comedies with plenty of failed attempts. American Pie does follow a group of high school boys wanting to have sex by prom night and B Gata H Kei is a popular high school wanting to have sex with 100 guys during high school.


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