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Anime Review: Mars of Destruction


What did I just watch???? Well didn’t just watch it, finished it a week ago. But honestly this anime…. No, no, I’ll get to it at the very end of the review. So I heard about this anime last year and though I knew it’ll be bad I was like…


In 2010 a manned probe sent from the Earth to investigate Mars explodes in the Earth atmosphere and fragments which contain a DNA sample of what is thought to be a trace to possible Mars inhabitants falls on Japan. That causes mutations all over Japan. People who are infected by the “virus” are called the Iseki-jin (relic persons). The AAST is founded, obtaining the cooperation of structure Doctor Hiroshi Hyuga they develop a suit, “Mars,” as a trump card against the Iseki-jin. The carrier of the suit obtains super powers, but only a few people, who are DNA compatible with the suit, are able to wear it. Takeru, the son of the doctor, was the first person able to wear it. While the fragment which fell on Earth is being transported to a laboratory in the USA to be analyzed the transport gets attacked by the Iseki-jin and now Takeru has to fight and defend it for a final solution in this incident.

I copy+paste that here, I really don’t understand the story line myself. That is a huge problem guys. So the anime is only an episode long showing that it at least has the decency to be short. And honestly the anime talks about the whole idea of humans being the invaders of earth and with something like that, the anime could of been amazing and unique. However I had no idea what was going on whatsoever. It was so confusing and it almost made me fall asleep because it was so boring as well.

Score: D


The only character I can name is Takeru the guy who can transform in the suit. Everyone else I can’t even remember. In my Liebster Award thing I got asked, “What’s more important, the story or character?” and here’s my response;

I still stand by that and this anime not only has a bad plot but terrible characters. The characters aren’t unlikable or likable either, they were so bland, so underdeveloped and overall useless. In Hiyokoi’s anime, it only had one episode and the characters were very likable for just a one episode anime. So Mars of Destruction doesn’t have much of an excuse for it’s characters, except for the fact that it’s a different genre to Hiyokoi. But hey at least the characters weren’t unlikable like some characters with personality…

Score: D-


If you look at the cover photo, you’d think the animation is gorgeous and appealing, or at least it’s decent. Don’t be fooled, the anime’s animation is horrible. Watching the anime made me realize what everyone meant when they said it was bad. It was obvious the creators didn’t put much effort into the animation at all.

Score: D


The music score is actually very unsettling and just doesn’t match the scene of the anime at all. It has no opening or ending at all which would be a little helpful for an anime like this.

The voice work is probably the only good thing coming from this anime. Can’t say much, their were no stand out performances or anything.

Score: D-

Score: C


I know this review was short but there really isn’t much to say about this anime. People go around saying School Days was horrible but in School Days’ defense, it at least had some good qualities to it. But Mars of Destruction had nothing good apart from it’s decent voice acting and the decency of being short. It is a wasted potential anime with it’s amazing idea of, humans invading earth instead. The anime was horrible, it is one of those animes that shouldn’t exist because even the creators knew it’ll be bad. Japan do everyone a favor and stop wasting your time allowing things like Mars of Destruction to get it’s own anime and actually give mangas like Kare First Love, Hirunaka no Ryuusei and Hana Kimi an anime. Heck continue Hiyokoi just as long as you stop wasting yours and everyone else’s time with this anime. The score is so obvious, this anime gets a D (hehe it gets the D). I don’t recommend you watch this anime, even if you’re like me and are like,

Don’t watch this anime!

Instead of watching this anime, I recommend.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

A sci-fi anime that is actually entertaining. Haruhi is a good anime with beautiful art and interesting characters. The story is interesting and they actually pull it off well. So insteadMelancholyOfHaruhiSuzumiya of choosing the sci-fi, Mars of Destruction, sit back and watch Haruhi. It is a must-watch anime. If you don’t like it though then be glad I recommended this over Mars of Destruction.

Elfen Lied

One word: Beheaded. That’s all I’m going to say for both animes. Elfen Lied is one of those, “you either love it or hate it” animes. It really depends how you look at things. I personally adore Elfen Lied, I think it’s a beautiful anime with a lot of meaning to it. Sure it is a gore-fiesta but hey it has an interesting story.


2 thoughts on “Anime Review: Mars of Destruction

  1. Probably the worst anime ever created, I couldn’t stop laughing at how seriously they were taking themselves! Although, if this anime had spent the entire time making fun of itself, it might have been the best thing ever…

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