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Top 10: Anime Couples That I Wish Got Together


They’re are many anime couples out there and we’ve all witnessed there confession scene, first kiss etc etc. Then there are couples that have never got together. Seriously it hurts to watch some amazing couples never get together and these are the couples that break my heart.

Warning: If you couldn’t tell by the title there are spoilers here.

Honorable Mentions:

Ichigo and Rukia (Bleach), Hachi and Nobu (Nana), Ichigo and Kishu/Zoe and Dren (Mew Mew Power), Kouta and Takagi (Highschool of the Dead), Kuronosuke and Tsukimi (Princess Jellyfish), Misato and Sasahara (Nichijou), Kyohei and Sunako (The Wallflower/Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge), Akise and Yukki (Mirai Nikki/Future Diaries), Megu and Kai  (Suki tte Iinayo/Say “I Love You”), Shoko and Yuuji (Baka and Test)

10. Nanami and Takeuchi (Bokura ga Ita)

Don’t get me wrong I adored Nanami and Yano, they were a breath to fresh air in shojo romance. However out of every nice guy rival character in shojo, I felt the most sympathy to Takeuchi and part of me really wish he got the girl instead of Yano. Takeuchi is a well-developed character who at first put Yano’s happiness with Nanami over his own feelings towards her, however he started to realize he’ll never be happy unless he puts up a fight and tried reaching to Nanami even though he knew she likes Yano. This guy really did deserves Nanami and they had a good bond too which is ashame. But she likes Yano and I’m still happy with Yano and Nanami but I really wish Takeuchi had her.

9. Haruhi and Kyon (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

So Haruhi was one of my actual first anime (apart from Pokemon, Sailor Moon and Spirited Away) and while I was watching this anime, I was repeating myself screaming, “FUCKING GET TOGETHER!”. It was the first time I wanted a couple to get together so badly. These two just make the perfect duo and have you seen The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, when Haruhi wasn’t around and Kyon had a normal life, he was going mad without Haruhi. And I’ve heard Haruhi might like Kyon so I just hope these two get together.

8. Kyosuke and Kuroneko (Oreimo)

Like every harem anime, you want the main character to end up with one of the girls and for me I usually root for the main guy to end up with the main girl. This time I want the main character to end up with not the main girl (Kirino), but for him to get with Kuroneko. Unlike everyone else (except for my number #6 choice) on this list, Kuroneko actually did get together with Kyosuke in season two however unfortunately they broke up. When they were dating, they were perfect together. Honestly the way these two went crazy about each other after they started dating was so cute and funny;

7. Kudo and Suetake (Doki Doki School Hours)

I understand that Doki Doki School Hours is a slice-of-life but still it hurts that this ship will never land. In fact Doki Doki School Hours has a bunch of couples that should get together, Iincho and Old Man, Watabe and Nakayama, Seki and Kobayashi, Seki and Tominaga, Kitagawa and Mika (I’m not shipping them but it’s possible), I was mainly rooting for these two. But because Doki Doki School Hours is a slice of life and not a romance, it can’t make dramatic and romantic events actually happen because drama can’t happen in slice-of-life. Slice-of-life is literally a story about nothing. Even if the romance was possible, Suetake is too clueless, he has no idea how Kudo feels and Kudo is dying because of this and he is too shy to tell Suetake how he feels. Kudo fanboying over Suetake is so cute and hilarious and honestly any character that is like Kudo in this way is definitely a character I can enjoy and because of that reason, I’ll always ship these two and I know so well it’ll never happen.

6. Shinichiro and Noe (True Tears)

Like nearly everyone, I really wanted Shinichiro to end up with Noe. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the ending to True Tears and I do like Hiromi, though I’ll admit I was disappointed at the same time with it’s ending and I liked Noe a lot more then Hiromi. Shinichiro and Noe worked so well together. she always comfort him, the two care and trust each other. Shinichiro you clearly haven’t seen this quote!

5. Watanuki and Karuta (Inu x Boku SS)

I don’t understand why these two didn’t get together. The two have a very strong bond considering they were friends since childhood. Watanuki’s reason for getting stronger was because he wanted to protect Karuta. Not just that on the episode which focuses mainly on Karuta, Watanuki overheard people calling Karuta weird and got angry basically because they didn’t understand her. Karuta on the other hand obviously cares and understands Watanuki cause 1. her character song is both about food and Watanuki and 2. The episode where Ririchiyo and Watanuki fought some monster together and then started falling out the window, Karuta knew which tanuki was Watanuki and caught both him and Ririchiyo. I got to say that is an impressive relationship.

4. Kashima and Hori (Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun)

I love Chiyo x Nozaki and Yuzuki x Wakamatsu. However I favored Kashima and Hori. These two are the Lovely Complex that’ll never happen because just like everyone else in this show (except Chiyo), Kashima and Hori are both so clueless. It annoys me how they’re not a couple because they have a very funny and playful relationship. Kashima obviously adores her senpai and likes to tease him and Hori always shows clues that he likes Kashima despite complaining about her. If season two ever comes out, these two need to get together by the last episode, I don’t care if the manga hasn’t got them together yet, just make this happen!

3. Fakir and Duck (Princess Tutu).

The anime did end perfectly and these did end up together… just not in the way we all wanted them to be together.

Seriously why are you doing this Princess Tutu. It could’ve been amazing to see these two as a couple but NO! I don’t even know why the anime did this to everyone who was shipping these two. I love this anime so much and I love the ending so much but I am also so angry that these two didn’t become a couple. Fakir and Duck had such great development both as character and in their relationship. It would’ve been perfect watching this girl who is actually a duck start off loving a prince and becoming a magical girl/ballerina to protect him and then slowly falling in love with Fakir. The two care deeply for each other and they both understand each other, they grow so much but in the end we got a smartass way of saying, “They got together”. Again I love the ending but I’m also angry with it.

2. Mako and Gamagori (Kill la Kill)

No I’m not shipping Mako and Ryuuko or Gamagori and Satsuki. These two would’ve been an amazing couple. Watching Gamagori develop a crush on Mako is so cute, the two had an adorable relationship. The last scene of the anime was perfect when we see Gamagori going to give Mako flowers.  Please make an OVA episode or a spin-off where we see them go on a date or get to see what happens when Gamagori gives Mako the flowers. By the way everyone who is shipping these two must watch Kiss la Kiss, it is so weird, really funny and ridiculous too.

1. Tenma and Harima (School Rumble)

Honestly I wanted these two to get together from episode one till the final episode and even having a little ray of hope for the last chapter in School Rumble Z. Though it breaks my heart every day knowing that it will never happen. I know Tenma does deserve Karasuma seeing she tries so hard, and Harima and Eri are cute too but I don’t care for both relationships. Don’t get me wrong I adore Harima and Yakumo and it would’ve been fantastic to see them get together. However I was mainly rooting for Harima and Tenma. Harima loves Tenma so much and he even tried to be a better person just for her. Also it’s not like Tenma doesn’t give a crap about Harima, sure their were times she hated him however she did learn she was wrong and by the end of the series she cares so much about him. When Tenma finally found out how Harima felt about her, she was appreciative of it because she cared for him. Harima is very unselfish when it comes to Tenma, he let her follow Karasuma just so she can be happy and he defends her when someone makes her sad and that scene when he held her from behind, SO MANY FEELS!

UGH the feels

UGH the feels


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