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Updates for Shonen Months (April-July)


Hello, so I’m going to be watching the majority of Fairy Tail, Naruto, One Piece and Bleach. So here I am going to talk about what’ll happen within April-July this year.

The 4 Shonens

So back in 2013 I’ve watched 115 episodes of Bleach, 10 episodes of Naruto and 6 episodes of One Piece. Still I am very keen to finish them off however being fully aware that they have a shit load of episodes and a lot of filler, I decided to work like this. So I’m going to complete 100 episodes of each anime, so I’ll rewatch Bleach since I skipped a lot because the website I was watching on was a bit weird and wouldn’t let me watch one episode so I skipped to the next. I’ll review every 100 episodes of them all. If I like one of them I’ll continue till the end. If I dislike any of them I’ll stop at the 100th episode and just read the upcoming spoilers.

(Note: I’ll be watching all three animes in English dub. I know One Piece has 600+ episodes and the dub is only up to like episode 370, even so I’ll watch it in dub and wait for updates).

Reviews for other Anime

Because it’ll take forever for me to watch 100 episodes of each anime, I’ll review different animes. Before I officially watch the 3 shonens, I’ll be watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Occult Academy. Though I’ll let you guys decide what I can review so here’s the link to the poll.

Updates for March though

I’m halfway through Honey and Clover and I’ll be watching Green Green, Mars of Destruction, Kiss x Sis, Pupa, B Gata H Kei (Yamada’s First Time), Denki Gai, Trigun, Midori Days and Cowboy Bebop. I’ll try my best to complete it all within these remaining days of March since I’m busy with homework, school and work. Lucky the holidays are so close in Australia.


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