Anime Review: Romeo x Juliet


The best way to describe my love life is Romeo and Juliet, only my love life is always one-sided. How is my love life like Romeo and Juliet? Well all the guys I go for have a girlfriend. So it counts as a forbidden love according to Superwoman.

(Check 4:16- 4:58)

So anyway I heard about this anime adaption to Shakespeare’s famous play all the way back in 2013 and I’ve been dying to watch. Everything looked so good and really interesting. Then finally I finish this anime and well… it disappointed me.


Neo Verona leaders the Capulets are attacked by their sworn enemy, Montigue. The whole household dies however the 2 year old daughter of Capulet, Juliet is the only survivor being saved by a man named Conrad. 14 years later we see Juliet fighting in the streets bringing justice though she has to hide both her gender and identity going by the name, “the Red Whirlwind”. However one day, she accidentally goes to a ball and meets Montigue’s son, Romeo and instantly the two fall in love.

This anime’s pacing is way too slow. It takes too long for them to accomplish anything in the anime, this is why it took ages for me to finish it. I understand that the writers want to stay loyal to the original story but things have changed since the 1500’s and the anime could of been great and really interesting changes though they failed at this. Though I give credit to the fact that this anime is really intense and it leaves you on a bit of a cliffhanger by the end of each episode making you want to find out what’s next. Though the problem I have with cliffhangers is that when I decide to take a couple of hours break I eventually don’t care anymore and I’m out of the mood but I don’t like watching intense animes like these all at once. I really hate how the anime was ending though, don’t get me wrong the ending was beautiful though it was ridiculous and straight up stupid, I was laughing at the end, until it reached it’s last couple of minutes then it did a nice job of making me say, “naaaw”.

Score: C-


Believe or not but my second favorite character in this anime was Montigue (first is Wily). Why is such a despicable and evil character like Montigue one of my favorites? Well this character was just really interesting because he was despicable. He was intimidating, evil, cold, ruthless and brutal but this didn’t stop me from liking his character and getting to know why he does what he does was really interesting. So anyway our main characters, Romeo and Juliet. Juliet is a strong, intelligent and a determined woman and Romeo is a nice, naive, sweet and a caring guy. However their are way too many moments when Juliet is completely out of character and she is relying on someone else to save her even though it is said she’s an excellent swordsman and the situations she is put in are things she could of easily got out of. Romeo started off really bland however his development as character is fantastic, it was good to watch him grow. Romeo and Juliet have a beautiful and amazing relationship though it started out really forced, and this is the worst thing to do in our main relationship, but it made up for it as we got to watch the anime more making us actually care for these two.

Their are large variety of characters in this anime though honestly the only characters that were actually useful were Juliet, Romeo, Montigue, Conrad, Willy (kind of) and Tybalt. Though Cordelia, Kurio, Francisco and Antonio had so much potential to be important to the plot. Everyone else were completely pointless and should not even be in the anime. Come on Angel Beats was given 13 episodes and developed it’s characters better then this anime. Romeo x Juliet was give 24 episodes and not to mention the pacing was pretty slow, it could of picked up the speed with character development and making it’s viewers care for the other characters.

Score: C-


The animation is a bit bland however very beautiful and it uses the perfect tone of colors depending on the mood of the scene. Majority of the time, the color tone was medium which I really liked. The character designs were all unique except for two characters, Romeo and Tybalt, these two look way to similar that there were moments I confused the two until I heard their voices.

Score: B-


The soundtrack doesn’t really stand out except for the moments it plays, “You Raise Me Up” the English version, it is a beautiful song to play, it’s really heartwarming moments. Speaking of “You Raise Me Up” that is also the opening song except it is in Japanese. The song matched the European side to the anime. However the first ending was awful, it ruined the mood to the episode completely though eventually it was replaced to another ending which is a very beautiful one.

The Japanese is a good dub choice though their aren’t any stand out performances. However I would go for the English dub because like animes such as Black Butler, this anime is one of those animes you should watch in English. Some voices were a bit off in emotion and some were just straight up bad, however there were three amazing choices, Brina Palencia was made to do the voice of Juliet and this is probably one of her best roles, she was sweet and cute to passionate and strong doing an overall fantastic performance. J. Michael Tatum does the voice of William Shakespere and at first I had no idea it was him to I listened closer and then watched the credits to see if I was right, it was amazing because 1. He sounds so wise and really well… dedicated and 2. It’s J. Michael Tatum, when has he ever disappointed me. The best of the best though is Sean Hennigan as Montigue, this guys voice is the reason why everyone fears Montigue, it was chilly yet had some charm to it that made it the best in the anime.

Score (Songs): B

Score (Voice Acting): B-


Is this a good Shakespeare adaption? Yes. Is this an amazing anime like I hoped it’ll be? No. I’m so sorry to fans out there but this anime was so disappointing. I expected this anime to be epic because it has an amazing opening, beautiful animation and some characters that had a heap of potential to be interesting. However this anime disappointed me with really slow pacing, a stupid last two episodes (not including the last few minutes), lack of character development and a variety of pointless characters. If it weren’t for my personal enjoyment I would give this anime a C+ or even a B- considering it’s score for animation and sound. So overall this anime gets a C-. Look I’m not saying I hated this anime, their was plenty to enjoy however it was extremely disappointing.

If you like Romeo x Juliet then check out:

Princess Tutu:

This anime is one of the best animes I’ve seen last year. I’d like to describe Princess Tutu as a dark fairy tale despite it’s extremely girly and deceiving name. The anime is well written and very interesting. It has well developed characters, a unique and interesting story line. It’s similar to Romeo x Juliet because both are tragedies and have entertaining story lines.

Earl and Fairy (Hakushaku to Yosei):

Both take place in Europe and also take place in history. Earl and Fairy may be a short anime but it is very interesting with likable characters and a dark tone to it. It is well animated and has a unique and interesting story line to it. It’s kind of under-rated unfortunately and it is only 12 episodes (when it should have way more).

(Next review will be in a couple of days, will be doing a review on Honey and Clover).


5 thoughts on “Anime Review: Romeo x Juliet

  1. LitaKino says:

    Ahhh I really to finish this anime >.< I've only seen up to episode 12 I just want to finish it regardless of how I know it will end haha lol


    Liked by 1 person

    • i would only buy it if i really liked it though its your sisters choice and if she really thinks she should put it on her shelf then that’s awesome but for me because i didn’t like it that much, I wouldn’t 🙂

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