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Anime Review: Amagami SS

Note: This is a review to Amagami SS season 1 only. I’ll do a separate review to the second season when I decide to watch it.


When you’re heart broken from love, you can always fall in love again. That is literally the message the anime is delivering to it’s audience throughout each arc. I was introduced to this anime last year and I was intrigued on seeing it and now one year later, I’m sitting here on my laptop writing a review after watching this anime.


So our male lead, Junichi Tachibana was stood up by his first love on Christmas Eve and since then has been afraid to fall in love again. However two years later he is encountered by these girls who could be the one to make him fall in love again.

What I really like about this anime is how each girl is given their own arc. You know how in harem anime the main guy meets all these girls and he has to end up with one of them. Doing that can leave the audience disappointed *cough cough Oreimo cough cough*. Well this anime is different making everyone happy by making him end up with each of the girls, not exactly the same way as School Days when making Makoto end up with all the girls, but in this Amagami, each girl gets her own arc and becomes the main female protagonist. Each arc was very unique and quite interesting and enjoyable, Junichi’s relationship with each of the girls were different from each other though all sharing the romance.

I did have a problem with this anime. At first this anime was a bit too slow paced. Yeah all the girls got four episodes each however some of the relationships had a really slow pacing while others were just right. The reason why it took me so long to finish this anime was actually because of the pacing. Rihoko’s arc was my favorite however unfortunately the way it ended was a massive disappointment and I was close to taking out my rage towards my laptop but I didn’t hoping season 2 will make up for it.

Score: C+


At first our main character Junichi came off as just an average harem male lead, reliable, oblivious and nice. However this character does have something to really enjoy, this is mainly thanks to his relationship to the other characters. However Junichi as a character alone is nothing new. The 6 main girls are Haruka Morishima, Kaoru Tanamachi, Sae Nakata, Ai Nanasaki, Rihoko Sakurai and Tsukasa Ayatsuji. Each girl was unique and entertaining. Haruka is a beautiful and popular senpai, she is extremely playful and she has a liking for cute things. Kaoru is Junichi’s best friend, she is a hard-worker and a bit aggressive but overall caring. Sae is Junichi’s sister’s friend who transfered schools, she is extremely shy and very timid. Ai is also Junichi’s sister’s friend, she is calm, athletic and cool. Rihoko is Junichi’s childhood friend and is the character I relate to the most, she is clumsy and a bit of a ditz and continuously tries to diet. Lastly the class rep Tsukasa who is reliable and really much though I can’t say too much about though she probably the most well developed out of the leads.

My personal favorite relationship was definitely between Rihoko and Junichi because they just work well together and Rihoko has loved Junichi for a very long time. Second is Tsukasa and Junichi because they’re relationship had a lot of growth and it was unconditional and accepting. Though I had a problem with one character named Risa, her arc was sweet however her as a character is pretty terrible because she does horrible things to everyone else. And the supporting cast lacks a lot, Junichi’s best friend Umehara is way too cliche and pretty under-developed, he actually had the most potential of being interesting and useful but in the end it was a waste, but I appreciate his little back story.

Score: B-


The animation is very refreshing and beautiful. Each character is designed nicely and all look unique. You know in anime how there is always that one girl character who complains about her weight when really she is pretty thin, well I like how Rihoko is actually a bit chubby so it makes it more believable and for my case, easy to relate to. Also am I the only one who reckons that tea club chic looks like Mikasa from Attack on Titans.

Score: B


The soundtrack is really good and sets you in the mood of the scene perfectly. I like the background song that always plays when introducing each of the girls arc or when mentioning what happened to Junichi on Christmas, it’s a bit depressing making the audience understand how Junichi feels. The first opening, “I Love You” by Azusa is really good, it feels like a Christmas song which is really good. The endings all depend on the arc of the episodes, my personal favorite song was “Nageki no Tenshi” which was Tsukasa’s song. Though all the ending songs were catchy and suited the character it was based on.

There is no English dub to the anime and I doubt a dub will ever come out. The Japanese voice acting is pretty good, the best of them all is Yukana as Ai, she did an excellent job at making Ai’s tone go from sweet and soft to cold.

Score (Songs): B

Score (Voice Acting): A


Overall Amagami SS is a very entertaining and interesting anime. It brings in something new for the harem genre and I actually like. Though I’m still annoyed at how they ended Rihoko’s arc. I’m looking forward to seeing season 2 someday when I’m not busy with other animes. I give Amagami SS a B. I highly recommend it to those who love harem and romance anime.

If you like Amagami SS then I recommend


Both are harem animes and both have individual arcs though unlike Amagami SS, in Clannad our male lead ends up with one girl but in different worlds he ends up with another girl. Clannad is beautiful and is also a comedy. People may dislike Clannad for it’s slow pacing, though the animation, characters and many other things in this anime are amazing.

Lovely Complex:

If you’re not looking for a harem and want more of a rom-com like Amagami SS, then I recommend this rom-com. Lovely Complex is hilarious and has a similar dramatic tone to Amagami SS.

(Next review will be of Romeo x Juliet. Honey and Clover review will be in a couple of days).


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