liebster award nomination

Liebster Award II: Nominated by thelimitlessimagination


Though I already did this, thelimitlessimagination nominated me for this again which is awesome and I highly appreciate it. However I won’t be doing anymore nominations but I’ll just answer the questions.

1. What is your definition of happiness?

This question reminds me of a quote from an anime called Bokura ga Ita;

Happiness is like being with the people you love or eating a good meal or accomplishing your goals, something like that I suppose

2. What is more important to you in an anime that you would call good: plot or characters? (assuming you can only pick one)

I’d say a character is more important. Example; School Days would be at least decent if it weren’t for it’s terrible characters. And just look at slice-of-life anime, they are mostly likable because it has likable and mostly relatable characters. A good plot is nothing without likable characters.

3. Favorite Novel

Sadly, I haven’t read much novels though I’m reading 50 Shades of Grey and I’m not too fond of it to be honest.

4. Favorite Drama or TV Series

Don’t have one honestly though someday I’ll get into them someday.

5. Favorite anime OP or ED

It’s a secret right now. I’m planning on making a top anime OP and a top anime ED list

6. Favorite male and female seiyuu

I’ve said this in my review and I still believe Mamoru Miyano is the god of male seiyuus. For females, either Kana Hanazawa or Yui Horie, both are amazing.

7. An interesting story/event about yourself

Soz couldn’t resist putting that up. Um….. I almost drown when swimming in a swimming competition. Sorry it was hard to think of one.

8. What Japanese custom/tradition/event would you like to try the most?

I actually want to go to those summer festivals they look so fun!

9. How important is writing to you?

Very important to me. I won’t be able to become a mangaka without it.

10.  Most beautifully drawn anime/manga character you have ever seen?

Almost every Kyoto Ani character I guess.

11. What kind of scenery do you love the most? (e.g. rivers, mountains, Aurora lights etc. best if you could also put a pic here! :D)


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