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Top 7: Anime Couples I Don’t Care For


Whenever watching a romance anime, the goal is to bring the couple together and while the development is happening you have to ship the two. The makers of the anime’s goal is to make its viewers want these two to end up together. Unfortunately there are 8ish couples (1 is in honorable mentions) that I felt no support for whatsoever.

Disclaimer: This is my list so I can do whatever I want. If you don’t like it then please make your own and I’ll gladly look at it if you wish. Also I’ll try avoid this but spoilers may appear.

Honorable Mentions. Yusuke and Midori or Futaba (Green Green)

The reason why I said “8ish” is because Green Green wants you to support both girls. However since I only seen 5 episodes of Green Green I feel no support for any of these characters in general, especially Futaba and Midori’s relationship with Yusuke. But I’ve only seen 5 episodes so I can’t say much.

7. Harima and Eri (School Rumble)

I’ll admit these two have a good relationship, it’s an interesting love-hate thing. Though honestly I strongly wish Harima ended up with Tenma and if not Tenma then Yakumo. Don’t get me wrong I like Eri though I have a few problems with her. Eri has a bad attitude and always finds a way to fight with Harima and he has a right to dislike her. But again I like Eri, she is funny and is a strong character.

6. Tenma and Karasuma (School Rumble)

Again I want Tenma to end up with Harima. Okay I’ll admit she does deserve Karasuma because she does everything she can to win him over. Again, don’t get me wrong I like Karasuma, he is hilarious and is the character me and my brother always joke about. However I don’t care much for Karasuma and Tenma because it felt so forced and Karasuma never showed romantic affections towards Tenma.

5. Kouta and Yuka (Elfen Lied)

If you’ve seen my “Top 10 Worst Anime Characters” list then you should know that I don’t like Yuka. Yuka is so annoying, whiny, bitchy and pathetic. Not to mention I’m not to fond of incestuous relationships, and these two count because they are cousins. There is nothing interesting about Kouta and Yuka’s relationship, I just don’t care much about them.

4. Kyousuke and Kirino (Oreimo)

Again, I’m not a fan of incestuous relationships and these two are worse than Kouta and Yuka because they’re brother and sister. Oreimo is a harem anime, Kyousuke could have easily ended up with Kuroneko or even Manami or Ayase, why Kirino? I understand that love can come in many ways and I do respect these two though I just care for their relationship. These two could’ve easily have a sibling bond but the anime tried giving them a romantic relationship which pissed my off.

3. Hachi and Takumi (Nana)

If you’ve seen my “Top 10 Worst Anime Characters” then it’s pretty obvious that I hate Takumi. Takumi is a man-whore and he doesn’t seem to care much for Hachi. I have an interesting opinion on cheating, if you cheat and feel sympathy and have reasons, I understand, however Takumi is a different story, he cheats and feels no sympathy. I don’t understand why Hachi didn’t choose Nobu. I love Hachi, she really is a likable character who I can relate to, but she deserves so much better than Takumi. Takumi is a total asshole and I don’t think she should be with him.

2. Yuki and Kaname (Vampire Knight)

I don’t hate these two so don’t get me wrong. However I just don’t give a shit about their relationship. Kaname is way too overprotective of Yuki to the point it’s as if he believes Yuki can’t do anything. At least with Zero, Yuki could do as she pleases because Zero trusts her and knows she’ll be okay. Kaname on the other hand treats Yuki like she is weak. I don’t understand how Yuki could fall in love with Kaname. My opinion on love triangles are shaky, if we’re talking about Peach Girl then I’m okay with that, but Vampire Knight’s love triangle is weird. I really think Yuki should’ve ended up with Zero anyways and had a normal bond with Kaname. And again, SPOILER ALERT: I’M NOT A FAN OF INCESTUOUS RELATIONSHIPS!

1. Yukki and Yuno (Future Diaries)

I’m sorry to everyone who supported these two. At first I didn’t mind them even though I don’t like Yuno. But I just don’t care about them. I hate Yuno and I’m not too fond of Yukki. Worse is that without the whole survival game, this whole anime is based on these two and even though I had the whole entire anime, I just don’t care about these two at all. I really wouldn’t mind if this whole anime was based on Minene and Nishijima or 7th, or even Yukki and Akise, just not Yukki and Yuno.


28 thoughts on “Top 7: Anime Couples I Don’t Care For

  1. I couldn’t really stand Yukki and Yuno so much that I dropped the anime xD I agree with you on no.s 2 and 3 as well! I really Nana (Hachi) and honestly Takumi doesn’t deserve her. (loved Nobu on the other hand.)

    But my personal opinion on why Hachi didn’t end up with Nobu wasn’t because she didn’t love him or she loved Takumi more. I think it is most likely because she didn’t feel like she deserved Nobu’s ‘pure’ kind of love anymore (even though Nobu actually doesn’t mind; he loves Hachi wholeheartedly and accepts all of her, even her past and flaws). I think there was one episode where there was some mention that Hachi and Takumi were actually a great fit for each other because Hachi could go on pretending she didn’t mind Takumi’s ways as long as he provides her with material comfort and similarly, to Takumi, Nana was a good match for him (she doesn’t ask for too much attention from him) so he still had his own ‘freedom’. I pretty sure there are some other things mentioned but my memory doesn’t serve me too well heh.

    Great post btw! 🙂

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  2. For some reason I’m getting the impression you don’t like incestuous relationships? 😉 😉 I definitely agree about Kyosuke and Kirino, it’s one of my least favourite pairings. Kuroneko is just such a more interesting character!

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  3. 47D says:

    I actually wrote a two page essay a few days ago, explaining why Harima should have ended up with Yakumo. One of my main arguments is that Harima and Eri’s relationship is pure domestic violence. xD
    ( Though I am a Harima+Yakumo shipper, I’m also a deep supporter of the Justice4Harima movement. )

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    • Honestly, though I do 100% support HarimaxTenma I also don’t mind the thought of Yakumo and Harima ending up together because I am much more at peace with that than HarimaxEri. Now that I think about it, it is true that Harima and Eri’s relationship is domestic violence aha


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