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Anime Review: Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun (Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun)


 So if you guys didn’t know I’m one of those anime fans who want to write manga, particularly shojo manga. This anime caught my interest by not only the idea of the lead character writing shojo manga because it is so funny. I first noticed this anime when I arrived home from work finding my sister and her friend watching this anime and I watched half of episode two and episode three of the anime. I did a lot of research and I told myself, “Because it is February, I’ll watch this anime first since it’s a rom-com”.


Chiyo Sakura has a crush on Nozaki and she finally has the courage to confess her love to him. When she does confess by saying, “I’m your fan”, Nozaki took it the wrong way and gave her an autograph. Chiyo is surprised by this and when Nozaki takes her to his house, she finds out he writes shojo manga and he asks her if she can do the beta (I’m pretty sure that’s the shading) of his manga and she does it anyway and because of this the two get closer.

This anime is the funniest anime I have seen in a long time, don’t get me wrong I laughed when watching Hetalia, Panty and Stocking, The Devil is a Part-Timer and Junjou Romantica, but it has been so long since I’ve laughed as hard as I did when watching Nozaki-kun (I prefer calling it that instead of having to say the full name). The anime appreciate and yet makes fun of pretty much all shojo manga. Most of the anime pretty much focuses on making fun of shojo manga or the quirky personality of our characters. The one problem I have is the same problem I have with animes like The Devil is a Part-Time and The Wallflower is that this anime has a “read the manga” ending and I HATE it when animes end like that. The anime needed more then 13 episodes and it really needs a season two for 1. Character development and 2. A satifying romance.

Score: B


The main characters are all quirky and interesting in their own ways and also quite believable and easy to relate to. The main female characters are quite masculine (not quite sure about Chiyo though) and all the male character are feminine. First we have Nozaki-kun who though appears manly from the way he acts and looks but is like a girl when it comes to shojo manga, he is completely oblivious making me face-palm all the time (ESPECIALLY the last episode). Then we have Chiyo who likes Nozaki, she kind of reminds me of a character in Doki Doki School Hours named Tominaga who is the most normal and sensible one in a cast of unusual character and like Tominaga, Chiyo is the perfect balance in the anime compared to the weirdness of the other characters. Funny thing is Chiyo at first glance looks like one of those moe, childish and clumsy girls though she isn’t exactly how I’d though she’d be which makes me happy. Then there is Mikorin (Mikoshiba) who is the most believable character in the anime. Though he comes off as flirtatious, he is actually impulsive and shy (basically a male tsundere). I really like his character and I wish the anime made a girl character he should end up with. The we have Yuzuki who is tomboyish and oblivious to her surroundings. Yuzuki is probably the character I related to the most and of course my favorite character second to Mikorin. Then we have Kashima-kun who is Mikorin’s best friend and the prince of the school, though Kashima is a girl. Kashima is dedicated, competitive and kind of like a stray puppy dog that follows the character Hori. Hori is the leader type of character who is short-tempered and insecure about his height and he is so violent to Kashima. Lastly we have Wakamatsu who like Chiyo is the normal character though more quirky than her. He is kind of the easy-going and naive character who stands out because of his relationship with his relationship with Yuzuki.

I love all of our main cast and I love there relationships with one another (I ship Kashima and Hori). However I have a problem with how undeveloped they are though I never expected much development anyway. I really wish they had made more use of side characters like Maeno and Ken-san which are the editors and they have very different personalities and they could have stood out more if the anime decided to make more use of them. Not to mention Wakamatsu arrived way too late in the series especially cause he is a part of the main cast and he didn’t get as much screentime as I wish he did though the 3 special episodes did try to pay attention to him though still he should have appeared earlier.

Score: C+


There is an anime that I’ve heard of known as Myself;Yourself and I’ve noticed that it has pretty bad animation. Yeah the people who animated Myself;Yourself also animated Nozaki-kun. Nozaki-kun has  stunning animation. It is very colorful and suits the energetic side of the anime. The designs of the female characters are all unique and beautiful especially Chiyo’s. However the male characters all look a bit similar and I’m mostly pointing fingers at Wakamatsu and Hori since their hairstyle and hair colour are nearly similar, and Mikorin has a similar hairstyle to Kashima which bothers me a bit.

Score: B-


The soundtrack doesn’t stand out as much except for the soundtrack that is played in the first episode when Chiyo was going to confess her love to Nozaki. The opening is catchy and memorable, it is well animated and provides exactly what the anime delivers. The ending is really cute, catchy and is something I have no problem sitting through, though I choose not to cause I want to see the next episode.

The Japanese voice acting is perfect. Yuichi Nakamura is the perfect match for Nozaki making his voice sound really deep and yet full of energy. I can’t really think of any problems with anyone of the voice choices. I also love the voice acting choice for the manga characters Suzuki and Mamiko, making the sound cliche and it is a reason why I strongly believe Mamoru Miyano is the god of Japanese voice acting. Though Sentai Filmworks takes ownership of this anime in America meaning it is very likely they’ll make a dub which I have low expectations for due to its recent dubbing of Say “I Love You” and the disappointing choice of David Matranga as Tomoki Kuroki in Watamote. However it can turn out well since in 2013 they dubbed InuxBoku which turned out to be a beautiful dub. If the dub comes out I’ll do a “dub review” on it.

Score (Songs): B

Score (Voice Acting): A+


Nozaki-kun is definitely one of the funniest anime out there. It is quirky, exciting and so much fun. I really hope they make a season two that concludes this anime perfectly. The anime has beautiful animation and excellent voice acting. I give this anime a B+ and I’m proud to say it is one of my favorite anime and the best anime I’ve seen so far this year. Go do yourself a favor and watch it.

If you like Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun then I recommend;

School Rumble: I consider both animes as one of the best romantic comedies in existence. School Rumble is fun, wild and energetic anime. School Rumble is longer the Nozaki-kun having three seasons. School Rumble is my favorite anime out there and I highly recommend it.

Ouran Highschool Host Club: Another excellent romantic comedy. OHSHC is a hilarious anime that has so much fun with itself. Both animes have a very unique and interesting cast. OHSHC is known as one of the best shojos in existence or at least the most popular and Nozaki-kun is based on shojo.


2 thoughts on “Anime Review: Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun (Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun)

  1. I definitely agree with you that Miyano Mamoru is like the King of God of all male seiyuus ❤

    I like the way you analysed other elements like the animation and sound as well 🙂 i don't particularly notice these things unless they really stand out for me haha 😀

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