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Anime Review: Hetalia Axis Power

Note: This is only a review to the first season. I don’t plan to review season two though I will do a discussion thing on it.


Whoever came up with this anime is a genius. This anime is so funny and so much fun to watch! I heard about this anime back in 2014 from the internet and it has caught my interest since. And finally I completed it. I watched the first episode a few months ago with my sister, she found it funny but didn’t want to watch 52 episodes of it (even though she has watched over 500 episodes of One Piece). I decided to watch this anime as soon as I complete the others I was watching which took awhile but I finally completed this anime…. I can’t wait till I start season 2!


So the best way to describe Hetalia is a historical satire following the many stereotypes on each country.

I’ll probably do so well in history classes, why? Because I watched Hetalia. The anime is just a funny history lesson and then it’ll have not so historical moments like watching horror movies on TV. It is completely random and isn’t an anime that is suppose to be taken seriously though I’m pretty sure all the events did happen just not how the anime presents it. The only people who won’t like Hetalia is if you are easily offended which can be a problem to most people. The problem I had with this anime is that there were some moments I just didn’t care so much about and were uninteresting though this is about 1% of the anime.

Score: B+


All the characters are the stereotypes of the countries they represent and usually I’d complain about this however with Hetalia it was alright. I love how all the characters were stereotypical and they were all likable, funny and very interesting. My personal favorite is Italy and if I could make my Top 10 Best Anime Characters list again Italy will be there. Germany is an awesome character and his friendship with Italy is perfect. The only problem I had with the characters is Japan, don’t get me wrong he is an awesome character and is interesting and likable, though I felt as a main character he lacked a bit. Again if you are easily offended you may not enjoy the characters either.

Score: A


The animation matches the anime quite well. It is quite plain I’ll admit but despite that it still works so well. The animation for the Chibitalia scenes are so adorable. The characters are designed to look like there country stereotype, in fact before I watched this anime fully, in Italian class I was sitting with my friend who is German and I decided to show her how Germany looked like and she was pointing out he looked like the stereotypical German which is true because he is suppose to look like that.

Score: B


The ending has to be one of my favorite endings in anime history. It is cute and so much fun to listen to and I just love how they decide to make every country sing there own version of the ending. Daisuke Namikawa really does have a lovely voice if you listen to the Kimi ni Todoke voice actors version of the opening, he sounds heaps better but still sounds good in ending song of Hetalia. The soundtrack never stood out to be honest which is a shame but the ending makes up for that fault.

The Japanese voice acting isn’t bad nor is it really good, the only performance I liked were from Hiroki Yasumoto as Germany and Daisuke Namikawa as Italy and it feels weird thinking Italy and Kazehaya (Kimi ni Todoke) have the same voice.

And I will give credit Hiroki Takahashi as Japan because I was extremely disappointed with his performance as Harima from School Rumble. Though Hetalia’s dub is a lot better! The problem that Japanese dubs have is they can’t do accents however the English can and it can turn out good depending how they do it and for Hetalia’s case it worked so well! I only had one small problem and I’m not sure if it was my laptop speakers or if Chris Bevins as Japan is too quiet to the point I can hardly hear him at times. But I won’t take out harshly on him, he did a good job for the most part.

Score (Songs): B

Score (Voice Acting): A


Hetalia has actually become one of my favorite animes. Sure there are faults but it really is an entertaining anime and I’m looking forward to watching Season 2 which I can’t watch now because February started and I need to move on to romance animes. So anyway I give Hetalia a B+, definitely worth watching and if you haven’t seen it you need to ASAP!

If you enjoyed Hetalia then I recommed (this is hard because Hetalia is fairly unique);

Ouran High School Host Club: All the characters are made to fit there stereotypes and it works so well in both animes. Ouran High School Host Club may be in a slightly different genre but they are both extremely enjoyable comedies, in fact the humour is slightly similar though Ouran is more silly compared to Hetalia. Lastly they both have fantastic English dubs and were both dubbed by Funimation.

Baka and Test: It really is hard to think of another anime I have seen that is similar to Hetalia,  but Baka and Test comes closest. Both animes are comedies and both have a variety of characters that are all stand-out and are all so much fun. Baka and Test isn’t exactly stereotypical but it comes closest to Hetalia to be honest.


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