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Anime Review: Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt


I just finished this anime and…. WOW! Wtf did I just watch. I first heard about this anime in 2014 from a youtuber known as, “The Black Critic Guy” and he was going on and on about how good this anime is. I didn’t enjoy as much as he did but I definitely agree, this anime is good!


So the story follows Panty and Stocking, two angels who have been expelled from heaven. To get back into heaven, Panty and Stocking have to fight ghost in Daten City.

Panty and Stocking is an absurd comedy and has no limits to how ridiculous it gets. Most of the comedy is very gross, showing semen, vomit, urine, crap and much more. The anime also pokes fun at American cartoons, American high school stereotypes and many other things. I warn you, some people can get offended by this anime, if you’re one of them then you won’t enjoy Panty and Stocking that much. Personally, this anime was not as funny as I hoped it’ll be though not saying it was boring, it is actually really exciting with it’s action scenes and especially the last episode. Speaking of the last episode, I knew what’ll happen even so I got so excited over everything that happened.

Score: C+


The characters are all very likable, even the villains were entertaining. Panty is a slut and Stocking is a goth-girl who eats a shitload of sweets. The both have a list of unlikable personalities, both are selfish, mean, foul-mouthed, rude, etc etc. However even though the both have detestable personalities, they’re both somehow likable and have a good sisterly bond. Next is Garterbelt who is the reverend taking care of Panty and Stocking, the way he looks is very different to his more twisted personality being interested in young males and this pokes fun at the Catholic priest scandals. Then there is Brief who is the most likable character in the anime. He is shy, geeky and is likes Panty unconditionally. Lastly we have Scanty and Kneesocks who are Panty and Stocking’s opposites. They are both sophisticated, well-mannered and very formal. Although all the characters are likable, the majority lack development which does put the characters and the show down.

Score: B+


I really like the animation to this anime. I know it gets confusing switching from how it normally looks and to it’s more anime-look, but the animation really is good. At first impression it looks more like an American cartoon (The Powerpuff Girls) which helps deliver the comedy. The transformation is really fun and more enjoyable then any Sailor Moon transformation. Though the quality is a bit off and sometimes it distracts the viewers from the show.

Score: B-


The OST in the anime is mainly techno with a few different ones. The biggest standouts for me were “Fly Away” which is the background music for the two angels transformation scene. “D-City Rock” and lastly “Kissing You”. The opening and ending are both really good especially the ending, I found the ending really cute and it has really good music.

Before I talk about the dub, don’t get me wrong the Japanese is so good but the dub is a lot better. Panty and Stocking is one of those animes that should be watched dub because since this anime pokes fun at American cartoons, it makes it funnier to hear it in Japanese. Panty is Jamie Marchi’s best performance and after hearing how Panty sounds in the dub worries me on how Jamie Marchi will sound when voicing Gou in Free! Eternal Summer. Monica Rial once again never fails to impress me by doing an adorable Stocking. So when you see this anime go watch it dubbed.

Score (Songs): B

Score (Voice Acting): A


Panty and Stocking is an extremely ridiculous anime with wild humour. If you don’t like the things I just mentioned in this review then you will not like Panty and Stocking. If you like absurd comedy and entertaining action scenes then you’ll have a ball watching Panty and Stocking. It is a roller coaster ride I enjoyed and hope for a second season, I rate this anime with a B-, it is definitely something you can’t miss out on and I highly recommend it.

If you liked Panty and Stocking then I recommend;

Kill la Kill: It is no surprise that I’m recommending Kill la Kill, everyone seems to be recommending it. Both have ridiculous humor and are both a fun ride. Kill la Kill is hilarious and if you have seen my “Top 10 Best Animes of 2014” then you know that I had so much fun watching Kill la Kill. Like Panty and Stocking, all the characters are likable, both have good animation and a great music.

Space Dandy: Both are hilarious comedies and are quite a ride. Though I’ve only seen one episode not to mention a couple of scenes on youtube of Space Dandy. Though this was more then enough to convince I not only really like and really want to watch Space Dandy but also this anime is as much of a ride as Panty and Stocking. Not to mention, my sister has the link to watch Space Dandy saved on her laptop so whenever she sits on the internet the tab to Space Dandy will come up, and when I decide to go on the internet on her laptop I always hear this “Space Dandy, a dandy guy from space” and that really is enough for me to know that this anime is ridiculous. So I’m actually confident with this recommendation despite the fact I haven’t seen this anime fully.

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