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Anime Review: The Devil is a Part-Timer (Hataraku Mao-sama)


I would tell you that I just finished my cheeseburger, my fries and this anime but an hour ago my laptop switched off randomly when I was almost done with this review so here we go I have to start this review ALL OVER AGAIN! No use on complaining. Anyway I heard about this anime back in 2013 and this was before the anime was dubbed and when I was watching 10 animes with no dub and when I started the first episode I was like “Fuck this!” and I decided to move on to Angel Beats which has a dub. Two years later I decide to watch this anime and I finished it.


Ente Isla is a world where demons and humans are at war. Satan, the ruler of demons and his general, Alciel go through a gate and find themselves in earth. They change there names going by Sadao Mao (Satan) and Shiro Ashiya (Alciel). Ashiya does the housework and to make money, Sadao works at McDonalds….. Sorry MgRonalds.

For an anime with 13 episodes, this animes pacing is really good though at times rushed, it was still done so well. Though I don’t like how they introduced the anime, it was kind of boring which is another reason why I couldn’t be bothered finishing it in 2013. The anime is basically a slice-of-life comedy with a bit of fantasy…. a bit of fantasy. Anyway usually the anime likes to do what any slice-of-life anime does however the anime gets better when it decides to throw in some action making the story so appealing. The story is nothing that’ll make you bite your nails, it’s an anime that you bring popcorn to and enjoy.

Score: C+


None of the characters have there own episode which is both a good and a bad thing. Good: because it makes the characters equal. Bad: because it doesn’t give the characters development. There is not really any character development though which is very disappointing but the most we get is the change of relationship between Sadao and Emi (Emilia the hero who comes to kill Sadao). Most of the characters take part in this anime no matter how big or small their role is. I like how they used Chiho’s character because I thought she was going to be just for fan service but she is actually really interesting because she is the only one who isn’t anything supernatural but is either the witness or victim.

I find it funny how Lucifer (Urushihara) is Satan’s general when in reality he is suppose to be Satan himself. If the bible followed Lucifer I think it’d be that whole Lucifer wants to get back in heaven, like how Urushihara’s character started out. I like all the characters except one but he only appeared once in the anime. The characters all have good chemistry especially Sadao and Ashiya who clearly come off as close friends who care a lot for each other and are more then just lord and general. I really like how the anime explores whether Sadao is evil or not, considering he is a hardworking and kind person but considering his past, he did despicable stuff but this character is not unlikable at all.

Score: B


For the most part the animation is done so well, I like how they have a different tone for Ente Isla and earth. Ente Isla is more darker while earth has a medium tone. All the characters from Ente Isla look different when they transform (except one), Sadao is shorter and thinner when he is his usual self but when he is king Satan he is taller and more well-built with horns. Emi has white hair when she transforms. Other then that the anime is kind of plain in animation but considering what this anime wants to deliver, I’m fine with it’s plain design. Oh how can I forget episode 10

Fanservice, it has been awhile, this isn’t a pro or con but as soon as I saw Chiho looking at her bikinis I was like, “This episode has fanservice… doesn’t it?” “I was right!” But at least it doesn’t go overboard.

Score: B-


The soundtrack is pretty good though I could hardly notice it when watching the anime having to go on Youtube to hear it when I was looking for the standout ones which were, In the “Dark” and “The Devil’s Castle”, especially “The Devil’s Castle” which is probably my favorite one in the anime. The show uses a mix of modern and traditional instruments and sometimes with vocals which is very unique. The opening and endings however, I’m not too fond of them. Neither are bad just nothing I want to sit through.

Both Japanese and English do a decent job in voice acting. Yoko Hikasa does so well as Emi and I wish I could hear her sing but if she did it’d be weird and Funimation might fail if they dub the song. I really liked how Anthony Bowling and Yuki Ono performed as Ashiya, they sound so different but both did equally well. I like Tia Ballard as Chiho because I never hear her do the moe type of character, I only remember her as Megumi Shimizu (Shiki) and Nanami Momozono from (Kamisama Kiss) and neither of the two are moe but both were done so well and I enjoy them just as much as Chiho.

Score (Songs): C+

Score (Voice Acting): C+


Overall, The Devil is a Part-Timer is a very entertaining anime and definitely worth checking out. It is very funny and really is fun. However personally it didn’t come off as something extremely adoring like I hoped. It is above average but nothing “Oh so good!” and I give this anime a C+. Buy popcorn or any food (cause this anime will make you hungry), sit down and watch it.

If you liked this anime then I recommend;

Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji): Aha I know Black Butler. Anyways both animes have a demon who is the lead character. I’ve noticed that both animes have the angel vs demon idea and the demons aren’t so bad really. Also both main characters are very likable but the thing is that they’re likable for very different reasons. Both animes are comedies though Black Butler takes place in 19th century England and is expected to be much darker then it actually is. Also this was actually why I was hesitant on putting this anime here but their is a lot of yaoi teasers in Black Butler and if you hate yaoi teasers or/and yaoi then you won’t be too keen on Black Butler. Though Black Butler is a good anime and has amazing action scenes.

Maoyu Mao Yusha: I haven’t even seen this anime and I don’t have much plans to so I’m so, so sorry if this turns out bad. I

hear both animes have the demon character turn good (from what I heard at least). Sorry don’t know much on this anime so this could be worse then when I recommended Angelic Layers without seeing it but I hope it’s good and I apologize if it isn’t.

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