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Anime Review: Bokura ga Ita (We Were There)


The feels…… I’m basically in tears after watching this anime! Ugh I cry easily and it’s not even a tragedy like Clannad, no this anime is just heartbreaking in a very strange way. I don’t think I’ve ever teared up over a love story and I’d go into spoilers if I explained what part of the love story made me shed a few tears. Anyway I was looking for an unrequited love anime where the male lead had a girlfriend, Bokura ga Ita didn’t fit the situation perfectly but the male lead had an ex-girlfriend which takes a strong part in the anime. I just finished the last  episode and….. wow!


Nanami Takahashi just started high school (haven’t heard that one before) and she meets the popular (haven’t heard that one before either) Motoharu Yano, who comes off as rude and Nanami doesn’t really like him. However after getting to know Yano more she does eventually discover she likes Yano but she finds out Yano still has feelings to his deceased ex-girlfriend, Nana making Nanami insecure and making it hard for Yano to move on and choose Nanami.

Honestly I don’t think you can ever find this type of story in any other anime. Anime in general never tackle the issues that Bokura ga Ita likes to talk about. Even more it is rare to find a relationship that is this complicated yet this spectacular. The story is like travelling, you discover exciting things the more you explore. You discover exciting things in the anime the more you watch… if what I just said makes sense then hopefully you got what I meant. The only problem I have with the story is sometimes it got melodramatic, it was necessary but still sometimes melodrama can be disturbing to an anime and I would’ve finished this anime a lot faster if the melodrama didn’t bother me. I forgot to mention this, everything in this story always goes back to Yano’s ex, Nana. This stops by the end of the anime.

Score: B


In my opinion, the characters are not unlikable, for the most part they are likable. It really depends how you look at things. Nanami I liked her and related to her though at times she frustrated because she was never honest with herself and things became twisted at times. Yano I liked him by the end of the series and I do relate to him at times, but throughout the series I was like, “You’re awesome, Yano!” then I was like, “Fuck you, Yano!” and it repeated though honestly you can really understand what he goes through. I always liked Takeuchi, Yano’s nice best friend who I also related to. Lastly I want to mention Yamamoto who I also relate to (I relate to ALL the characters), she isn’t unlikable for me but I can’t say I like her but I can see what this character goes through but even so what she did is pretty sick but still I can’t bring myself to hate her in fact I felt bad for her at times.

Anyway I want to mention the characters that the anime rarely gives credit to which are Ayaka, Takeuchi’s older sister, I really liked her, she was fun and having a mature and wise character is good. Then their is Mizu-chi, Nanami’s best friend and the anime’s comic relief character, I love this girl she had me laughing so many times and though she didn’t take a big role to the story she was still so entertaining and made me laugh when I was down, not to mention out of all the characters I definitely related to her the most. However I can’t guarantee you’ll like the characters because they can be frustrating and if you can’t see things from every characters perspective then you won’t like some of them. I can guarantee this however, the majority of the cast get great character development.

Score: B-


The animation is very soft and pretty however sometimes it looks really plain and I don’t like it when they remove the characters eyes. I find it unique though when they only show half the eye when doing close ups but though it’s unique it’s not great, but it’s not really bad either. Also I find it funny how Yano looks like Otani from Lovely Complex.

Motoharu Yano (Lef), Atsushi Otani (Lovely Complex)

Motoharu Yano (Lef), Atsushi Otani (Lovely Complex)

Score: C-


Bokura ga Ita’s soundtrack has got to be the best in anime history, maybe I say this because I only just started focusing more on the OST too then just the openings but even so I really liked this. The best however has to be Suki Dakara by Izumi Katou where they start off with a “la-la-la-la-la” (I’m pretty sure that’s the song, if not then tell me which song in the soundtrack starts off with the “la-la-la-la-la-la” in it). Also I’ve noticed that the anime has a variety of endings and they’re all beautiful. The opening I really like and is super catchy (love it when Mizu-chi and Taka-chan try to sing it).

The voice acting is nothing significant and there is no dub to compare it to. The problem I have though is at the start it felt rushed and I wasn’t to excited with the voice acting however I give them credit for improvement. I’ll give credit to one voice actress, Erina Nakayama as Yamamoto, I really liked her performance.

Score (Songs): A+

Score (Voice Acting): C+


Overall Bokura ga Ita is an enjoyable and very beautiful anime, it is a shojo I like to consider one of a kind and if you like shojo anime then this anime is a must watch. However this anime isn’t perfect I still had fun with it. I give Bokura ga Ita with a B-, a fantastic anime with beautiful music and a great story with amusing characters. I can’t guarantee everyone will like the story and cast especially if dramas bothers you.

If you like Bokura ga Ita then I recommend;

Toradora: Both romantic comedies that at times can be melodramatic. Toradora is a love story between a clean freak and a tsundere trying to win over each other’s best friends but obviously have a special relationship. Toradora is definitely as enjoyable as Bokura ga Ita and should be checked out.

Lovely Complex: Funny cause Yano mentions this anime somewhere in Bokura ga Ita, not to mention he looks like Otani. Both animes tell a unique and interesting love story though Lovely Complex tones down in the drama area. Both animes do tackle the issue of unrequited love however in Lovely Complex it’s between the main characters. I would talk about more comparisons but I would also give away spoilers for both animes.

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