Anime Review: Ah My Goddess+Flights of Fancy


So back in late 2013 I started this anime and completed it and waited ages to start season 2. I only just finished season two today. Do I plan on watching the movie, Mini Goddess and Fighting Wings? Maybe but if I do, I’ll discuss in a separate review. So anyway back in 2013 I was having a long void after finishing Lovely Complex back in 2012. To fill that emptiness I had I searched up animes where the girl is taller then the guy and the two animes that came up which were Please Teacher and Ah My Goddess.


Ah My Goddess follows Keiichi Morisato who despite being a good person, he is very unfortunate. The heavens notice this and feel it isn’t right for someone who is so good to get such bad luck, so they send the first-class goddess, Belldandy to grant him one wish. Keiichi is very surprised, doesn’t know if this is a prank or what he should wish for. So without really thinking, Keiichi wishes for a goddess like Belldandy to stay by his side and since then, Keiichi becomes more fortunate.

Ah My Goddess majority of the time is a slice of life and a romantic-comedy even though I expected much more of a supernatural element, though I don’t have a problem slice of life. It also tries to do it’s best to develop all of it’s characters and both seasons do this very well, though so many of the times the development is swept to the side and they forget about the events that just happened in the previous episodes which really pisses me off. Also don’t get me wrong both seasons are great and the story isn’t much different but season one is so much more slow paced and kind of boring at times. Then Flights of Fancy does start off slow but then chucks more entertaining episodes and does a lot better then season 1 to develop the characters. In fact the more episodes go by, the less slice of life there is but even by the end of the Flights of Fancy it has a slice of life element and doesn’t have a lot of fantasy elements.

Score: C+


All the characters are likable even Sayoko who can come off as a bitch, there is something about her that you can’t hate. The main characters are obviously Keiichi and Belldandy. Keiichi is kindhearted, naive and loyal to others. Belldandy is kindhearted, naive and loyal to others. Huh, a match made in heaven (ehe). Don’t get me wrong I love Belldandy and Keiichi as a couple but sometimes they are way too sappy it makes me cringe. Their is a limit on how cute you can be and these two go over the limit it is kind of a turn off. But they have a good relationship that is very strong. Then their is Belldandy’s sisters, Urd and Skuld and one of the most well-developed characters in the whole anime. Urd is the older sister who is impulsive, meddling and short-tempered at times though a very likable character who is so much fun and has the greatest back-story out of any anime character I have ever seen. Then their is Skuld the younger sister, she is childish, obnoxious and is one of those little sisters that are obsessed with their sisters and get jealous of anyone who catches Belldandy’s attention, though at first I felt 50/50 about her character, now I really like her especially after her character development. Every other character is interesting and likable in their own way. However all the characters feel like characters that are put completely on the side and are used only in one episode other then that they are mostly useless.

Score: B+


The animation is honestly nothing spectacular. I like the clouds though and some of the scenery. Other then that the animation is just plain. The character design for the most part is good except for Peorth’s, her design bothered me a fair bit, I just don’t like really unusual hairstyles on a characters and her eyes were drawn weirdly.

Score: C+


The music in the anime is very good especially the first seasons opening and Flights of Fancy’s ending. Majority of the songs were done by Yoko Ishida though they have a few different singers like Yoko Takahashi and Jyukai. Yoko Ishida has a lovely voice that suits the angelic element of the anime. The OST isn’t fantastic but have a beautiful standout which is Kanashimi which uses the violin so well and is kind of a sad song since “kanashimi” means sadness.

The Japanese voice acting is very good, especially Kikuko Inoue as Belldandy. I do have a slight problem with Yuriko Fuchizaki as Megumi, it sounded way too out of character for Megumi. Also credits for both the Japanese and English voice actor, Kiyoyuki Yanada and Marc Thompson as Tamiya because they sound basically the same. Speaking of the English dub, it is no different to the Japanese, both having great voices for their characters but I have one problem which is Eileen Stevens as Belldandy who does a good job but at times sounded melodramatic. The dub does have good standout performances, Vibe Jones as Urd and Annice Moriarty do a marvelous job and Drew Aaron as Keiichi is much better taking the show away with his performance. So it really doesn’t matter if you watch this anime sub or dub, but if you really need a recommendation instead of going by preference then go sub because this is Kikuko Inoue’s best performance and she blows the show away.

Score (Songs): A

Score (Voice Acting): B


Ah My Goddess (and Flights of Fancy) is very entertaining and fun anime with only the problem of the pacing and the amount of slice of life compared to the fantasy. Very entertaining characters and very good songs. The voice acting is well done and only have minor problems really. Though personal enjoyment isn’t amazing but it wasn’t boring either. I award Ah My Goddess with a C+. An anime slightly above average and definitely should be watched.

If you enjoyed Ah My Goddess I recommend:

Please Teacher: This and Ah My Goddess have so much in common! Both have the magical girlfriend element, both romantic-comedy’s, both have the female lead taller then the male, both have a younger sister character who is obnoxious and kisses their sister’s ass ( though Skuld is more likable). Please Teacher is an anime which talks about the issue of a student-teacher relationship and is an interesting anime though most people like the sequel more, I much prefer the prequel.

Ah My Goddess: The Movie: I apologize if this anime turns out bad because i haven’t seen it to know, but since it is apart of the Ah My Goddess franchise then it is most likely going to end up being enjoyable.


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