Top 10: My Best Anime Characters

Birthday Special 9th of January is my birthday so I decided to make a review and 2 top 10 list enjoy)


Now the likable characters, hooray! I love these characters so so much!

Honorable Mentions: 

Nagisa Hazuki (Free!), Akihisa Yoshii (Baka and Test), Risa Koizumi (Lovely Complex), Konata Izumi (Lucky Star), Yuiichi Kudo (Doki Doki School Hours), Aru Akise (Mirai Nikki)

10. Misaki Takahashi (Junjou Romantica)

I adore Misaki so much! He is actually a character I can relate to. Misaki never fails to make me laugh and never fails to make me feel bad for him when he is in trouble. You guys probably think that other characters deserve to be on this list more but I strongly believe Misaki is the one who deserves the number 10 spot. He is extremely adorable too even for a guy. I always relate to this character except I’m not a gay guy and I’m just some couch potato who watches anime…

9. Chii (Chobits)

From the moment I saw Chii the first word that came out of my mouth was, “Naaaaaaw!!” I want to hug her (I swear I’m not a lesbian). Chii is such a cute character and is so different to your average magical girlfriend anime lead, Chii can’t do anything by herself but even so she is a great character.

8. Yakumo Tsukamoto (School Rumble)

Yakumo is an angel. I can’t think of anything wrong about Yakumo. I put her over here on #8 because she doesn’t entertain me so much. But that does not mean I don’t love Yakumo. She is so caring, kind, forgiving and even more. Everything good in a person is how you describe Yakumo. She is someone who is willing to give up her life for Tenma and Harima.

7. Hideki Motosuwa (Chobits)

Hideki is the most believable male lead. He is kind of an idiot and yet has such a good heart. Perverted indeed but he such a caring person. I relate to Hideki in a few ways, in fact if I were a guy I’d most likely be either like Misaki, Harima or Hideki. Hideki never fails to make me smile when watching Chobits and the last episode, I almost cried cause I’m such a sook.

6. Inuyasha (Inuyasha)

When I started Inuyasha I was unsure about this character but then as I watched, I love him so much. There are many male tsunderes like Hiroki Kamijou (Junjou Romantica) or Atsushi Otani (Lovely Complex) but Inuyasha is the best. He is so good hearted despite coming off rude. Inuyasha may have trouble choosing between Kagome and Kikyo but still can you blame him. Inuyasha has the best character development and is a strong character. He has a hard family life but he learns to love and become strong.

5. Homura Akemi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Homura is so badass. Her hair flip OMG I try to do this!

This character is so awesome. Homura is those quiet and and cold characters who actually have a good heart and acts the way she does for a reason. This is not unique but definitely the best character of this cliche. Homura is everything I like in a character and more, awesome, badass, cool, epic, deep and I like my quiet girl anime characters.

4. L (Death Note)

As soon as L arrived, wow! He is so smart. Very smart! That was my sister and I’s first impression. But their is more, he is a sweet tooth who is extremely adorable and weird in an adorable way. L may do bad stuff but he has a reason and doesn’t do things that are wrong. He knows what he is doing and never fails. I swear if it weren’t for spoilers… L would’ve easily bet Light, it would’ve been so simple!

3. Lucy/Nyuu (Elfen Lied)

I thought Homura was badass, no Lucy, my Lord, she is so badass. Lucy can kill 25 people in just 5 short minutes, she doesn’t break a sweat and you can only hurt her slightly when she is off guard. Out of all anime characters, Lucy is definitely the character I’ll never mess with. Yes she is ruthless, violent and malicious but their is so much more to her. Lucy is a lonely girl looking for acceptance, she has been bullied and in a faculty (I think that’s what it’s called) all her life. And Nyuu is so cute and innocent it is sweet.

2. Tenma Tsukamoto (School Rumble)

I love my quiet girls but I love my ditsy girls too. Tenma is a perfect example. I am well-aware that some people hate Tenma but I adore her. Out of everyone I mentioned on this list, I relate the most to Tenma. We’re both clueless when it comes to guys, both of us are kinda clumsy and we’re both pretty childish (Aha I’m like Tenma). Yes this girl is completely oblivious on Harima’s feelings and she had a love-hate relationship with him, but Tenma obviously cares for Harima, maybe not in a romantic way (I wish she did) but she cared enough to have her feelings hurt when she realized she misjudged him and when she accused him for being something bad like a pervert. Tenma has a very good heart and is extremely forgiving, compare her to characters such as Eri Sawachika, she never really forgave Harima for anything he has done she just continued to stay mad but also love him. Tenma on the other hand actually forgave Harima and felt bad for the things she has said to him. SPOILER ALERT!: In the final episode of School Rumble, Harima was talking out loud about how he loves Tenma while he was driving her to the airport, Tenma hears this confession and though pretends she didn’t hear anything, she appreciates Harima’s feelings and is happy to hear it even though she can not love him back she still treats Harima kindly.

1. Kenji Harima (School Rumble)

Another School Rumble character. Harima is a character I relate to. Like I said before, if I were a guy I’d either be like Misaki, Hideki or Harima. Harima is different to every other delinquent character but he has a heart of gold being one of the nicest guys in School Rumble. You know those people who act or/and look like a total asshole but they’re actually extremely nice when you get to know them, that’s Harima. Harima is so passionate and very caring. He is the most developed characters in School Rumble starting off very violent but the more he loves Tenma the less violent and the kinder he gets, in fact I don’t think I have ever seen him fight Tennoji in School Rumble: Second Semester. Harima also starts off very jealous of Karasuma and feels like Tenma is only his but as the series progresses Harima changes, SPOILER ALERT!: Harima realizes Tenma loves Karasuma only and he can’t have her and he has to watch her be happy with Karasuma, because Harima realises Tenma’s happiness is more important then his own. Harima is definitely a character who deserves my number 1 spot on this list.


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