Top 10: My Worst Anime Characters

Birthday Special 9th of January is my birthday so I decided to make a review and 2 top 10 list enjoy)


We all have those anime characters that you love to piece. Then their are those other characters *sigh*. So here I am making a top 10 best and worst anime characters. Please keep in mind this is my list and if you like these characters that’s fantastic for you but I don’t so please keep in mind I have my own opinion no matter how upset you get.

Disclaimer: Spoiler Alert for some of these characters! I’ll shout out spoiler alert whenever it appears and put the spoiler in the bold writing :). Also a fair bit of swearing if it bothers you.

Honarable Mentions:
Kikyo (Inuyasha), Naraku (Inuyasha), Sae Kashiwagi (Peach Girl), Masao Murasaka (Shiki)

10. Mimi Yoshioka (Lovely Complex)

So Mimi is your stereotypical rival character in a shojo, pretty and popular (and a model). She acts nice and in reality is a bitch! This girl isn’t as bad in the manga but this is the anime we’re talking about. Mimi is just terrible to Risa out of jealousy. Even worse Mimi tries to stab Risa with a fork. Mimi is worse then any shojo rival, worse the Megu, worse then Kurumi and worse then all of them. Lovely Complex could’ve EASILY not of done this cliche because it was already pretty unique but then they put in Mimi and she is so irritating. And people hate Seiko because of her voice, at least Seiko has a decent character, Mimi is terrible. If this were a manga list, Mimi wouldn’t be here.

9. Yuka (Elfen Lied)

“You’re such a jerk!” “You don’t think about me anymore!” “Kouta do you think about touching me?” Omg Yuka shut up! This girl pisses me off all the time. She is pathetic and over the top jealous. Pathetic characters sometimes are ok depends on how they act, Yuka is just too much though. She always whines and says the stupidest stuff. I never liked her character she is just so unlikable and useless to the plot. She always crying and yelling at Kouta for no actual reason.

8. Megumi Shimizu (Shiki)

I’m not fond of yandere characters, Megumi especially. SPOILER ALERT: When Megumi becomes a shiki she kills Touru, the sweetest guy ever, why? She doesn’t like him! Wtf, you killed your love interest’s best friend because you don’t like him! That’s pathetic! No wonder why Yuki hates you! Not just that she is so selfish, in the first episode she was going on about how she wanted to move to the city and become famous and she stalks Yuki all the time as well, he has to close the window because of you. I remember reading out spoilers on wiki and I didn’t like her that much but watching the whole anime made me hate her more.

7. Takumi Ichinose (Nana)

He just gets worse in the manga. So Takumi wasn’t too bad at first, really nice to Hachi until we found out he is a man slut who is so unfaithful, insensitive and inconsiderate. SPOILER ALERT!: After he slept with Hachi, he didn’t call her, he just treated her like a one night stand when Hachi really liked him. Takumi only called Hachi when he got yelled at by Nobu, Ren and Shin. This is not the worst his done. When he got Hachi pregnant he said he’ll take responsibility as father which yes is sweet but this means he has to break up Hachi and Nobu who were happy. And if this asshole had a clue that Hachi dumped him, he would never of came back. And this is where it gets bad, in the anime, after I tell myself, Takumi isn’t that bad since he does care for the child and Hachi a bit… I was so wrong when I heard about the manga. So Takumi cheats on Hachi with Reira (Layla) who he said he can only see as a little sister, would you really have sex with someone who you call your big sister, he is aware Reira loves him and she is aware his a man whore but loves him anyway but this gives Takumi no right to cheat Hachi and to hurt her. 

6. Alois Trancy (Black Butler II)

When I first heard about Alois, I heard he was likable and of course I was excited to meet him. At first I didn’t mind Alois too much because I was trying to like him. I’m sorry Alois fan-girls, I really hate this character. He is spoiled, abusive and sadistic. He ruins the show and even worse is that he is so useless. He is mean to everyone and when in danger he just cries like a little bitch!! I have so much respect for his maid for putting up with him and loving him even though he treats her like shit!

5. Claude Faustus (Black Butler II)

Another character I thought I’d really like. Nope he is even worse. Claude may not of been and sadist mother fucker like Alois but at least Alois was more enjoyable in a way. Claude has nothing! Claude is just a copy+paste character of Sebastian adding in a shitty character who starts of emotionless and minus the charm. SPOILER ALERT!: After tasting Ciel’s blood, Claude becomes obsessed with Ciel and ruins everything for Sebastian and Ciel. He tries to steal Ciel and wants to be able to devour Ciel’s soul causing Sebastian to fight him. Excuse me, but Sebastian was their first not you Claude, so fuck off! Even worse, even though I hate Alois it is still wrong to break your deal. 

4. Yuno Gasai (Future Diaries)

I am so sorry to fans of Yuno but I really do not like her. Like I said I’m not fond of yandere characters and Yuno is one of them in fact she is known as the queen of yandere, so of course I’d hate her. Yes she is cute. Yes she is entertaining. Yes she is loyal. And I know she has a hard childhood. I know, but I still hate her! Yuno doesn’t care about anyone other then herself and Yukki. “Yukki, Yukki, Yukki!” That’s the majority of what she says, she is not in love that is obsession, huge difference. This part is where I was starting to be ok with Yuno, SPOILER ALERT!: So after Yukki’s parents die, Yukki decides to grow some balls and become god so he can resurrect his parents and Yuno helps of course. However my favorite character, Akise finds out Yuno was lying and was trying to tell Yukki the truth and because Akise kissed Yukki after telling Yukki he deserved someone who wouldn’t lie, Akise kissed Yukki (yaoi fangirls scream) and Yuno beheaded Akise for that! This bitch beheaded Akise because of that! I can’t like Yuno, sorry to you Yuno fans, I hate her, I really hate her.

3. Misa Amane (Death Note)

Misa may not be the queen of yandere but she is so annoying! “I’ll do anything for Light!” Shut up! That asshole is manipulating you! You have rights! Misa is just your stereotypical blond girl which disgraces all blond girls who are actually smart. Misa is actually pretty smart with how she carefully planned on how to get Kira’s attention but when Kira noticed her, she became at ditsy idiot! SPOILER ALERT!: You let Rem die and didn’t give a shit! Go away Misa, no one likes you!

2. Light Yagami (Death Note)

Sorry Light fan-girls but I’m not one of you. Light is a manipulative asshole. He doesn’t give two shits about anyone but his selfish deeds. Ok at first he wasn’t so bad, he just wanted to create a perfect world despite doing it the wrong way. I understand that. Still, he does it wrongly. Who is he to judge who is good or bad. Also he manipulates Misa (even though I hate her) and other people, especially girls who like him. And as soon as they come of as useless he chucks them away. Even worse SPOILER ALERT!: He allows the innocent to die too, he let Rem die for his selfish reasons, he let Watari die too, and he let my favorite character, L die! Because he wants to become a fucking god! Light you let your greed take over, and the you did eventually get what you deserve!

1. Makoto Itou (School Days)

Everyone who has seen School Days would’ve put Makoto somewhere on their list. Makoto is a terrible character. Unique but terrible. He started off as a sweet guy who had an innocent crush on Kotonoha, he’s just like any guy, he wants to have sex with his girlfriend but she wasn’t ready. SPOILER ALERT!: Makoto felt like dating Kotonoha was more of a chore so he fucked Sekai, then he fucked Setsuna, then he fucked more girls because he is a man slut! Makoto hurts everyone around him and feel no sympathy only in the end of the anime he does it was for himself. SPOILER ALERT!: Sekai thought she was pregnant and told Makoto, Makoto left Sekai and got back with Kotonoha who he pushed into insanity. I love School Days’ ending and I couldn’t care less about Makoto in the end.


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