Anime Review: Future Diaries (Mirai Nikki)

Birthday Special 9th of January is my birthday so I decided to make a review and 2 top 10 list enjoy)


So apparently gods can die… never knew. Okay so back in 2013 I heard about this psychotic yandere female character with pink hair. I never actually knew exactly what a yandere was like, only having Misa Amane as an example but then I did research to find out who this pink haired yandere was, what anime she is from and why is she likeable?


So Yukiteru Amano is a loner who does nothing but write on his cellphone diary about everything that happens around him. He claims his only friends are a god Deus Ex Machina and his servant MeruMeru (and believes they are imaginary). Yukki then notices that his diary is telling his future and of course uses this for his own benefit example cheating on his test (come on if your phone could all of a sudden tell you the future then of course you’d do stuff like that). Yukki then realizes he isn’t the only one who can use this diary, in fact 11 other people have diaries of their own (sometimes they have a different device too) and it turns out Deus is dying (even though he is a GOD) and he needs a heir so he brought 12 competitors, including Yukki to fight to become god and the last person standing wins.

You know this whole thing would’ve been solved so much more easier if Deus just chose the most qualified instead of picking 12 random contestants who have to die. But we wouldn’t have a show if they were solving things that simply. Future Diaries does have a few scenes of slice-of-life but they twist it into something awesome and out of the ordinary. The whole entire story focuses on each diary user and their fight with Yukki and Yuno. Though I still think if the other diary users were so desperate to be god, how come they only aimed at Yukki and Yuno? I don’t know and it should be explained but nope. Oh what is also so good about this anime is the plot twist!

Score: A


All of the characters in this anime either have a tragic back-story are a just unusual for unexplained reasons. Each character has so much motivation to become god whether it is resurrecting the dead or a peaceful world. The characters are a huge problem though, some are lovable, some are 50/50 and others are detestable. Yukki is 50/50 for me, most people hate him because he is a little bitch and I understand that, however he is still a confusing character because of his good heart. Yuno… I’m sorry I hate her so much, many people love her and that’s ok, maybe you people who have only heard of this anime will like Yuno when you watch it but I certainly didn’t like her at all but she is a character I feel sympathy for. The supporting cast are alright but my personal favourites are Minene (9th) who at first comes of as unlikable but you then start to like her. Then yaoi fan-girl’s favorite Akise, I’m no yaoi fangirl (at the moment at least) but I loved Akise from the start because this kid is a genius.

Score: B-


Their isn’t actually anything great about this anime’s animation. Don’t get me wrong it’s good but nothing spectacular. The only part of the animation I compliment the most is the 1st opening, the use of shadows and red are breath-taking. Also if you don’t like gore, you might be uncomfortable with this anime since Future Diaries is a gore-fiesta. Of course the gore isn’t as hardcore as Elfen Lied or Higurashi but it is definitely a gore anime.

Score: C+


The music for this anime is very good. The ending’s aren’t memorable or something exciting but both the openings are good, especially the first opening, “Kuusou Mesorogiwi” by Yosei Teikoku. The second opening “Dead End” by Faylan is sung all in English which I appreciate from an anime. The best of them all is the OST, “Here With You”, it is my favorite soundtrack in not only Future Diaries but in all anime. The song really is a masterpiece in fact I used it for my project.

The Japanese of Future Diaries is amazing, especially Tomosa Murata as Yuno, she does a flawless job as and honestly no Japanese or English actress can do better. I would give the voice acting an A+ but like Say “I Love You” the dub ruined that chance. The dub is actually good, Emily Neves did a surprising job as Minene especially because this is different to her usual quiet girl archetypes and so far from what I’ve seen, this is her best role and I wish she did more characters similar to this. Todd Habekorn did a superb job at Akise. Everyone else was fantastic too but other the Minene and Akise, their is no stand-out performance. I did have two small problems though. The smallest is Josh Grelle as Yukki, don’t get me wrong, this guy has SO much potential to voice Yukki if because he did a fantastic job as Armin Arlet and Akihisa Yoshii and the way he sounded as the both of them would’ve worked out so well for Yukki but no it didn’t work out well. Though Josh Grelle didn’t do a bad job in fact at time he did well just he didn’t perform as well as he could of. My biggest problem is Brina Palencia as Yuno. She didn’t hit the hammer on the nail so well. She didn’t really do bad it’s just she can’t do crazy but cute properly. I would’ve suggested Tia Ballard as Yuno because unlike Brina Palencia, she can do both cute and crazy extremely well, or at least she has potential on pulling it off. Anyway this anime is mostly recommended to be watched in Japanese, even though it has a good English dub.

Score (Songs): A

Score (Voice Acting): B+


Overall Future Diaries is a really good anime. Very entertaining and has a compelling story line that’ll immediately get you hooked. Excellent music, good voice acting and good animation, Has a confusing variety of characters that’ll make you struggle to choose how likable they are however they are all quite entertaining. I give Future Diaries an A.

If you like Future Diaries then I recommend:

Elfen Lied: These two both have gore of course Elfen Lied has a lot more but still. Both have pink haired main female characters that have both a good side and a bad side (although pink-haired female character in Elfen Lied is so much cooler and better in my opinion). Though you are more likely to enjoy Future Diaries but Elfen Lied is really good.

Death Note: Some people actually compare these two animes a lot. Both have a supernatural devices except one being a notebook the other being a cellphone (or other things). Both have a genius and insane main character except we follow a whiny character in Future Diaries. Both have a weird looking god. Both anime’s also have two characters I despise.


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