Anime Review: Chobits


One thing I would love to have is my own human sized computer. Maybe with a British accent, ability to do everything and charming looks. Yes I’m pretty much describing a Sebastian persocom but this is getting so off topic because we’re not on the subject of Black Butler at all. Anyway back to the anime I’ll be reviewing, Chobits. I started watching this anime early 2014, and I could not get enough of it, really! How I found out about Chobits was when I was watching a top 50 anime openings list but the youtuber, known as GRArkada. And Chobits opening was on the list and the opening alone made me want to watch the anime.


Hideki Motosuwa is an 18-year-old from the country. He enrolled into a university but got rejected. Though Hideki wishes to try again for the university by going to Tokyo. He then notices the human sized computer, persocoms. He wishes to own a persocom for himself but unfortunately it is too expensive. Oh but lucky for Hideki, not only does he have a beautiful land lady, teacher and co worker but also he picks a persocom that was lying down in the garbage. But of course something would go wrong, after the trouble of trying to turn it on, Hideki realises his persocom can only say one word which is, “Chii”.

Chobits is an anime that clearly is a sci-fi but it seems more like a slice-of-life since their is way too many random episodes, heck they even have a whole episode on buying underwear (not a spoiler btw). ¬†But when Chobits starts to get dark and escapes it’s slice-of-life genre for a moment, believe me this anime does it very well and it actually feels natural. But don’t get me wrong I love my slice of life, I really do but I think Chobits requires more sci-fi and darker tones rather then the slice-of-life we got. If you look at what I said earlier about how Hideki has a beautiful land lady, co worker and teacher, yeah well Chobits is not really a harem. Of course it has a few elements of your average harem but it isn’t actually a harem because none of these girls are really Hideki’s love interest. I would go into more detail but that is SPOILER TERRITORY!

Score: C+


Chobits contains two of my all time favorite anime characters, Chii and Hideki. Not just that but Chii and Hideki are one of my favorite anime couples. I’ll talk about them individually though. First off, Hideki our main characters, Hideki is by far one of the most believable male leads. It is very likely for anyone to meet a person mostly like Hideki. Hideki isn’t perfect, he is kind of an idiot, he talks out loud and he is perverted but he is also kind, honest and he really does have a good heart. I know many male leads are like this but not the same way as Hideki. Unlike many male leads, Hideki’s character is very natural and very believable whereas other male leads feel a bit forced. Then their is Hideki’s persocom, Chii, I swear every time I see her, you’ll hear me go, “Awww!” Chii is just so cute and thankfully she is not a character that is moe. Sure she is in a bit of fanservice but she isn’t really moe (Maybe Kyoto Ani can learn from this). Chii is very likable not only because she is so cute, but actually because some people can call Chobits a magical girlfriend anime, I can name two other magical girl animes on the top my head which are Please Teacher and Ah My Goddess and I’ve noticed that the magical girlfriend is perfect! Chii on the other hand is not you’re average magical girlfriend, this girl has no common sense whatsoever, she can’t do things on her own unless people tell her and well she is a lot to take care of, but Chii’s innocence and kindness is something I adore about her.

I actually really enjoyed the supporting cast too. They all had their moment of development and are given an episodes or two to themselves so none of the supporting cast are undeveloped well except 1-3 maybe but other then that, they all were very interesting. What was great about most of the supporting cast was they were all quite useful. Shinobu who is Hideki’s best friend (because every male lead needs a best friend) who helps him out with Chii, Yumi and Miss Shimizu both had a good role in how persocoms can affect a person’s life and I could say more but SPOILERS!

Score: B+


I can forgive the animation for looking dull since this anime was made in around 2002. But if you think about the animation is quite good considering it was made in 2002. I like the animation at it’s most during the darker and more epic moments of Chobits. It was cartoony during comedic moment and during serious moments… It was alright considering it was made in 2002 but definitely not great.

Score: C+


Okay again, Chobits opening was what got me interested in this anime. The opening, (“Let me Be With You” by ROUND TABLE ft, Nino) will never escape my head ever. I swear if someone asked me to sing I’d be like, “yeah, yeah, yeah, let me be with you!” like an idiot. I can’t stop thinking about this song. And the soundtrack know as “Dark Chii Theme”, it is really good. It was played at the right moment. I really like it. The song made me feel like I was in a video game. Every other song was forgettable though.

So the voice acting. The Japanese is great, Tomokazu Sugita did great as Hideki and Rie Tanaka was fantastic at Chii. Everyone else was great too. And then the dub, I feel terrible for Sugita because honestly Crispin Freeman does the better job once again. Don’t get me wrong Sugita was really really good as Hideki but Crispin Freeman did a lot better! Then their is Michelle Ruff as Chii. I’ve heard people say Rie Tanaka is better but I didn’t see the difference in the dub and sub other then the language. As for the supporting cast, though at times it felt wooden, they all did a fantastic job. Also it is so funny how we have 4 voice actors and 1 seiyuu from Haruhi Suzumiya in this anime, Crispin Freeman who did Kyon and Hideki, Michelle Ruff who did Chii and Yuki Nagato, Wendee Lee who did Miss Shimizu and Haruhi, Brigette Hoffman who did Asakura and Miss Hibiya and lastly Tomokazu Sugita who did Hideki and Kyon. So anyway whether you watch Chobits sub or dub is actually out of preferance because both a good.

Score (Songs): -B

Score (Voice Acting): C+


Overall Chobits is really a fantastic anime. Entertaining plot even though it should have more sci-fi and less slice of life, extremely likeable main characters and likeable supporting cast. catchy opening and a great soundtrack along with a good dub and good Japanese casting choice. If you like slice-of-life with a bit of an unrealistic story to it Chobits is for you. If you like magical girlfriend anime then you’ll like this one. But if you dislike slice of life and prefer full on sci-fi then this anime is not for you. Anyway my rate for Chobits is -B.

If you liked Chobits then I recommend:

Ah My Goddess: Well both have the magical girlfriend element however Ah My Goddess is much more into it. Also both animes have a relatable male lead. Both animes despite having a more unrealistic element to it they are very focused on the slice of life genre.

Angelic Layers: Chobit’s prequel. I haven’t seen this anime so I know this may come off as a bad recommendation but it is the prequel after all and should be watched if so.


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